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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Mysterious!
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  2. Loving the Tinashe ‘Nightride’ inspired promo. Queen T, always inspiring the gorrrlllls!!!!
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  3. I also thought it was 'get off world, Ima need space' and I was like oh ok, this makes sense.
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  4. So happy for Victoria Justice!
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  5. RJF


    Now I've been yanking Miss Ari's ponytail quite a biT in the last year but everyone coming for her performance skills is doing a little bit much. She used to be properly awkward and vacant but she really came into her own on the Honeymoon Tour. Like, all the major performances of the sweetener singles were knocks out the park.

    And I'll even throw in these wee gem too.

    And did I see someone coming for the power in her voice? Girls. The delusion.

    I haven't seen the single video from the current tour and I didn't watch Coachella but I'm gonna guess the performance of "7 rings" is terrible because it itself is profoundly terrible. A lot of the new album didn't really lend itself to electrifying performances either. Also, if there's one thing she has in common with Mariah, it's the fact that she's a total studio gopher and everything else is... something she has to do because it comes with the gig. She doesn't live for being on stage. And that's fine.
  6. Guy


  8. My Thank u next album vinyl just just arrived! Forgot I had ordered it from her store.
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  9. ?
  10. If I remember correctly it was just another Givenchy teaser with the back of Ariana's head shaking her lil ponytail.
  11. = her last two albums are literally below power ballad BPM.
  12. I can't believe no one's linked the legendary Break Free Live in Antwerp

  13. I'm so proud she delivered those vocal arrangements in my hometown.
  14. Hello yes I'm here. We absolutely still stan.
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  15. According to her IG story, she has new songs coming out that she worked with Savan and Ilya on, but "AG6" related, so probably leftovers.
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  16. I’ve reviewed the evidence and save the last video, my thoughts on her performance skills still stands. She, like Taylor, looks like she’s playing pop star.
  17. All this time I thought the Shangela intro was Bloodline dddd.
  18. I really should get round to buying this vinyl I think!
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  19. A masterpiece
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