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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  2. I wonder if they're jumping onboard the producer album trend and readying an EP that uses her vocals?
  3. RJF


    Savan and Ilya... essentially do no wrong with her, so I'm in.
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  4. Bad Idea and Fake Smile are such good songs outside of the singles.
    The way they used the sample in fake smile to create the beat, the sad tone , the background vocals... Its gorgeous and so honest.
    I also love the dramatic tone on bad idea, the melody of "forget about it yeah, forget about him yeah , forget about me" is beautiful and the i love how laid back the instrumental is.
    Truly her best album.
  5. Honestly she brings out the best of Ilya & Savan. They have such a magic conection... Just like with Tommy & Pop wansel
    Pharrell can't relate...
  6. This new Ilya & Savan music
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  7. bad idea is what i call pop perfection. I honestly think only a pop genius can come up with a riff and a chorus melody like this. It’s like an even better version of God Is A Woman, both share many similarities.
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  8. Yeah they are very similar. God is a woman has a more epic vibe while bad idea is more dark & dramatic. But both are pop perfection. The melodies are absolutely brilliant.
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  9. Oh if they can make an actual collab happen.

    As well, she replaced "Goodnight & Go" with "Get Well Soon" on the tour.
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  11. I have mixed feelings about this, it comes off as someone trying to profit off of a huge artist like Ari- but as a graphic designer, I understand the importance of the visibility of our work. Especially to huge audiences like hers. Just tag your photographers/designers/stylists, girls. And/or buy (or ask for) your photograph if it was taken by a professional photographer.
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  12. I mean, if he didn't sign anything and she used the photos anyway she needs to pay up. Non-story.
  13. Well I've been reading up on Twitter and people have been saying Ariana has been getting visably upset perfoming Goodnight n Go, I guess it reminds her of Mac. So I can accept this change.
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  14. The issue is the ethical question of paparazzi and taking photos of people without their knowledge and consent.
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  15. Oh, I misread the source and now I see it's about a paparazzi snap, not a photograph from Coachella! Then I completely agree with you - even though that's their job, there's definitely an ethical discussion about what they do.
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  16. Has it really only been three months since this album was released? It feels like it's been a year at least; her career/life moves at a breakneck pace.
  17. Is that the era done then? It feels like Break Up just came and went. 0 impact
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