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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. 7 Rings ate it up along with every other song in its path as the #1 song of 2019, it seems.
  2. A moment of silence for taste.
  3. I can’t at people gaslighting themselves into thinking this album is weak just because Ari’s behaviour the past few months has been... a lot. It’s easily her strongest effort aside from Dangerous Woman.
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  4. I still think sweetener is her best album, but heyyyyy.

    1. sweetener
    2. thank u, next
    3. Dangerous Woman
    4. Yours Truly
    5. My Everything
  5. ... I actually go back to Sweetener more right now. I love the Thank U Next song, but the album doesn’t have the highs of Sweetener. My current ranking:

    1) Dangerous Woman
    2) Sweetener
    3) Thank U, Next
    4) Yours Truly
    5) My Everything

    I just think musically, Ariana’s needs a bit more consistency. Thankfully, it look like No Tears will be her more remembered song in the long run, as it should.
  6. But both Thank U, Next and 7 Rings are bigger worldwide.
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  7. Right? It's because this era doesn't feel separate from Sweetener, which isn't even a year old yet.
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  8. I saw Ari this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas. You guys, she was INCREDIBLE. I didn't realize how massive the setlist was, and she basically bops up and down the stage in six-inch platform stilettos from start to finish. And those VOCALS! She was singing live and on-point from beginning to end. It was such a fantastic show and makes me really excited as I feel like she just gets better and better with each tour. It was so cool to see the way that virtually everyone in the arena was singing along and bopping. I went with my fiance--he likes Ari but isn't a hardcore stan like I am--and even he was blown away.
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  9. Agreed. I find her so annoying these days that I don't like her posts on Insta anymore, but Thank U, Next is fire. Easily her best album even if it doesn't have her highest highs.
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  10. Why she doesn't do tour books is beyond me. Dangerous Woman had great photography as do these two albums.
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  11. Though I wish he were here instead

    Don't want that living in your head

    He just comes to visit me
    When I'm dreaming every now and then

    (And then)
  12. SMG


    This is the heaviest lyric in her discography. Completely and utterly devastating.
  13. ‘better off’ and ‘ghostin’ coming just six months apart with the sheer weight of everything that went down in between to inform them both is honestly sort of devastating.
  14. Shame we aren't getting another single (or doesn't seem like it at this point). She definitely has enough momentum to get another hit.

    I'll still forever be annoyed BUWYG didn't go #1. Ugh so damn close.
  15. I get why In My Head is a little too harsh to perform, but at least she takes time to give acknowledgement to its greatness. The talent.

  16. In My Head remains the best track of this album and probably in the top 5 of her discography. I always gasp when that bridge ends.
  17. Ghostin’ and Bad Idea are the songs I find myself enjoying the most...
  18. These two are really the highlights of the album for me.
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  19. The level of power she may possess if she drops her third album in under a year!
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