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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. upload_2019-9-4_16-36-53.jpeg
    She’s been wearing something similar to this. The Blonds make some variation of this for every pop star
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  2. It’s...a showgirl look.
  3. Ariana when she saw the ad campaign:
  4. Farrah Moan in being delusional shocker.
  5. I don’t really see it causing any problems for her either way, but for better or worse she tends to address a lot of things like this on twitter directly so I’m perched to see what happens.

    In non-Farrah news, I hadn’t seen it posted in here but Lana said in an interview last week that Angel was coming in two weeks so I think they’re coming next Friday?
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  7. "72% of the four page document features black women as a reference (mostly Rihanna and a couple Ciara images)" why am I screaming
  8. I mean... the whole fashion industry works by copying ideas, are we supposed to be shocked? If Primark can sell Gucci knock offs basically just missing the logo, where does it end.
  9. All that tells me is that Ariana has taste. She should hire Mel Ottenberg though.
  10. This shouldn’t shock anyone. Mood boards are full of inspirational pics.

    However, if an artist has the gall to say they invented a “look”, they better be able to back up what makes it an original “look” and not a derivative of another.
  11. Yeah mood boards are exactly that. What you like and want stuff made to look like.
  12. There's some arguments to be made about Ariana & cultural appropriation.
    The fact that she takes inspiration from a style icon like RIHANNA (and even Ciara to a lesser extent) is not one of them.

    Most of the comments seem to be in her defence, luckily.
  13. ....huh? ddd.

    The Forever 21 suit is not about claiming to invent a look and is about the 7 Rings video, not her tour outfits.

    The Forever 21 issue is about false association. They approached her, offered her a brand deal, she said no, and in return they did an entire campaign featuring looks similar to her video while directly quoting her lyrics in social media posts and marketing materials.

    No one thinks how Ariana dresses is particularly unique.
  14. Yeah, I got that after I researched what it was about. I just left it in as a general statement though.
  15. Seriously what's not clicking?
  16. Question for people who have attended the tour: are they super strict about the clear bag policy? Its the first time I've ever seen a Dublin venue put out a special notice about clear bags...I understand why she's doing it, I've just never seen a place here be strict about it. Seems a bit mad I can't even bring a small black cross body bag.

    My apartment is beside 3Arena so thinking of literally just bringing my keys, phone, card and ticket in my pocket.
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  17. Just take the bare essentials.
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  18. Yes. My friend works for (something to do with the tour, high up) and he was not allowed in because he had a normal bag. Imagine how it is for normal people.

    I had my phone and card.
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  19. [​IMG]
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