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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Wow ok thanks. Definitely just bringing the essentials in my pocket so.

  2. I am all for holding my fav accountable for missteps but these accusations in the past few days don't make any sense to me. Who isn't drawing fashion inspiration from Rihanna in 2019? And Farrah claiming Ariana "stole" her look when Ariana has been wearing things of a similar fashion since My Everything and not to mention Farrah did not invent silver corsets. To compare it to a business lawsuit where a company used the brand, image, lyrics, etc. to profit off of an artist who has [on the record] DECLINED a partnership with Forever 21 is ridiculous to me
  3. The lawsuit is about an overall campaign that attempts to cash in on recognisably 'Ariana' things (including lyrics). Also her merch deal is with H&M so its in her interest to shut down any potential false equivalences.

    Farrah hasn't any business trying to get shady, and the tour mood boards are...a mood board. Hell most tour outfits tend to come from similar ball parks no matter what the artist.

    Ariana has certainly had her issues with appropriation etc. but...this seems a stretch.
  4. Forever 21 intentionally used Ariana’s “looks” knowing (a) they were highly marketable and (b) she would sue them. Damages from a judgement or settlement would still be cheaper than her ask. The Pitchfork article tried to get at this.
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  5. "She didn't style herself people" feels like the ultimate unintentional backward drag ffff
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  6. I mean y'all know Rihanna would be wearing PrettyLittleThing X Ashanti and still releasing music if it wasn't for Mel her stylist? Stylists are next to A&R when it comes to making a pop star an icon.
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  7. I’m listening to her music on repeat as I’m still battling with my post concert concert blues after Wednesday. She was perfect and the visuals were simple yet impactful. The obvious highlights aside (‘No Tear Left To Cry’ remains a moment forever) I think ‘Sweetener/Sucessfull’ and ‘NASA were fun and went particulary well. I was surprised how much the crowd was there for ‘Fake Smile’ unlike with ‘God Is A Woman’ sadly. Oh and nothing new but she’s so breathtakingly beautiful! God is a woman.
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  8. Billboard has the Charlie's Angels soundtrack as out 11/1.
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  9. Sounds like a bop.
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  10. I'm more mad about CREEPYYEHA being heavily featured in the moodboard, yet I assume that Yeha Leung wasn't approached to do the costumes; instead her aesthetic was taken and then ripped off by Versace.
  11. I actually checked to see if this was a thing and...

    It is.

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  12. Ooh another #1 smash incoming!

    I just hope Miley doesn't ruin this for me.
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  13. Lana releasing her most acclaimed album yet and probably getting her highest chart position yet because of this song (probably). Maybe the timeline is correcting itself
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  14. I can’t see Lana on this song by that beat but we will see how it turns out
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  15. She might be on the middle-8 where things slow down?
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  16. Heidi Range stans mantra
  17. My friend is selling two Arena Standing ones.
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  18. Sis get your life to this basic bop.

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