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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. I love that Ariana and Miley are giving it their best catwalk strut and Lana is...walking.
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  2. Sis this reads like you are actively trying to curse it dd.
  3. RMK


    I agree with the sentiment these collaborations are often underwhelming. It’s definitely a different dynamic than Bang Bang but.. was that really a great Max production? No. It’ll be catchy enough and serve as a nice pop girl moment.
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  4. 2014

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    Atomic Kitten <3
  5. Just saw her Sweetener Tour in Amsterdam, which was even more enjoyable than anticipated. Merci miss Grande!
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  6. The ringtone synth is painful. Alarm teas. Please don't be part of the actual song ddd.
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  7. This one has won't live up to the sum of its parts written all over it, but I guess it's going to be nice to see Lana stepping outside of that carefully curated world of hers for once. For that alone I'm perch't. But I'm not getting my hopes up for anything remotely interesting, especially when we already know that this was originally an Ariana demo.
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  8. From her “Dangerous Woman” era, circa 2016?
  9. I agree that it's probably not gonna be the "moment" it should be / is on paper, but I trust the parties involved to deliver a cute bop. At this point, if it's better than 'Boyfriend', I'll take it.
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  10. Has anyone heard this yet?
  11. The last few months have been overstuffed with great music, and I've let the album sit in the background a while. Coming back to it tonight is such a rush. What a front-to-back stunner.

  12. From people who have heard it, Lana only does the bridge, Miley's verse is like 20 seconds, and Ariana sings the rest.
  13. Emeli getting A-list with a new song? What year is it?

    Excited for this.
  14. It's BBC 2.
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  15. Post Malone being on the BBCR2 playlist is something I never thought I'd see. He's white and straight so I guess he can blend in quite easily.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The state of that playlist.
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  18. I know it's BBC2 but...the Goo Goo Dolls??
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  19. Happy to report Ari was doing so well last night in Amsterdam. Was kind of anxious to go see her after her statements about her mental state last week but she seemed to be having so much fun! She sang, she danced, she laughed a lot. She's been having more off days lately before the UK-leg starts on Saturday so yeah. I feel good about that!

    I still have no words for her and the concert. IT WAS SO GOOD. Woke up with Bad Idea & God Is A Woman still playing in my head. She is so tiny. God I love her.
  20. New Snippet
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