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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. It's out in NZ so this twitter is posting snippets:

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  2. The trailer version was much better...
    I'll be waiting for the Remixes, I guess.
  3. I’m glad we have confirmation that Ava Max is A-List. Popjustice loses once again!
  4. RJF


    The Radio 2 playlist is always so damn weird. Jamie Cullum and Post Malone in the same tier on the same playlist in 2019.
  5. It's also straight to Radio 1 A list.

    All this knocking of the radio 2 playlist! I love R2's randomness - they regularly play Kylie's On A Night Like This and J Lo's original Ain't It Funny, often before 10am, and it catches me off guard every single time.
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  6. Bops.
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  7. She was talking about doing songs with Savan for a project that wasn't her album (what we now know is Charlies Angels) back in the spring so I would assume this is a new song, not an unused one from years ago.
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  8. Miley's look with the ponytail and wings is the best Grimes cosplay I've ever seen.
  9. I quite liked the video, but Ariana living her best Victoria's Secret Angel cosplay life is dull when compared to the other set pieces in the video, especially following Miley's boxing sequence.
  10. The song is only ok on first listen. Lana does not fit at all.

    Also a song called Don't Call Me Angel for a movie about a group of crime fighters who are called Angels is a bit weird ddd.
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  11. The song is fine, but that ringtone synth is truly dreadful.

    A one off pop supergroup EP from Ari x Miley x Lana would be kinda lit though.
  12. I don't like this song at all. The hook is so weak. Lana's bridge is the best part.
  13. Lana's bridge lowkey does sound like it's from a different better song, but overall I'll definitely use this for a bit. Ms. Grant does kind of steal the video in her solo bits, though dd.
  14. Also the fact they literally wear angel wings throughout the entire video ddd
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  15. Miley was the best part of the song and Lana's bridge sounds like she is on another song. I quite like it overall and the final scenes are lovely.
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  17. Oh I HATE this.
  18. I really liked the song! It’s like a frankestein mash up of voices and styles but it works. The video was cute too, a little less ariana and a bit more Lana would’ve been great. Miley was just perfect and is definitely the scene stealer.
  19. The last time I got such a strong “tacked on a bit from a completely different song” feeling was for Mel C on Headlines ddd.
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