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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Yeah those totally feel like Ariana. What IS shocking though is that Pop Crave is 14 people just reposting PJ posts and they get free stuff when us fhags here do the same with no freebies. Such flops.

    Maybe we should start a sass pop account. @nooniebao are you in?
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  2. So they're mad she dragged artists that deserve to be dragged? Who pissed this guy off?
  3. What makes you think I'm not already the Admin of one


  4. Your posts here.
  5. Scooter Braun apparently
  6. Pop Crave HQ right now:

  7. A prophet!
  8. RMK


    Album averages without the irrelevant my everything intro, and international bonus tracks.

    Dangerous Woman 8.73
    Thank u, next 8.66
    My Everything 8.17
    Sweetener 7.40
    Yours Truly 6.66

    Two 0's were given. One big single got below an 8 from me, so hopefully that has some impact on what reigns in the top five.
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  9. I think you meant to post here..
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  10. Oh wow.... oh WOW

    @Mods delete this account
  11. It’s actually interesting to me that while the My Everything intro fared quite well in the original rate, it’s not as well received this time around.
  12. The My Everything Intro is a 10.
  13. Even I like it.
    You aaaah YOU AAARE
  14. Only problem with the Intro is that it should be followed by One Last Time instead of Problem.

    Perfection otherwise.
  15. RMK


    Come on when do you listen to it voluntarily? It was just dragging down the average.

    thank you (dd)
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  16. what is this

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  17. Also this
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  18. RMK


    I do want to see her explore something new, but I have a strong feeling the next album won't be vastly different than thank u, next. The final product will always end up having great moments, but lets just hope the Monopoly's that get cut in the process never see the light of day.
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  19. dddd sis I'm always down for more songs, but let's do them via lowkey Soundcloud releases.
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