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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. A pig is a pig
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  2. Ghostin is still a career highlight. I want her to explore that type of sound more for the next album
  3. @Sanctuary @Laura Vanderbooben It was fucking one of you's.
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  4. Lana <3
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  5. New feature with Childish Gambino.
  6. That sounds amazing. Quarantine & Chill would be nice.
  7. This sounds lush as fuck.

    I just wanna make time for you
    Swear it’s just right for you
    Like this pussy's designed for you
    Ten, I got five on you
    Loyal, it's all on the line for you
    Bet I look nice for you
    Open my mind for you

    ...Yeah, a mood.
  8. mariah_that_was_a_classic.gif
  9. The way this is still such a perfect song. What a stunning introduction.
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  10. The song's good, obviously, but she's come such a long way since then, hasn't she.
  11. I remember her first thread popping up on here when The Way was released and the only reason I clicked on it was bcause someone had added '#1 on US iTunes' to the thread title. I was noT prepared for the snatching that followed.
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  12. How did she scam 200,000 Sam & Caters to buy The Way back then?
    Was it retweets / follows if you bought the track?
    Not being shadey boo just wondering how it blew up.
  13. She was the most popular one on Victorious.
  14. Ugh The Way is still so good.
  15. I think they were ALL the most popular one
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  16. I still remember hearing The Way on the radio and one of my friends saying 'oh my god I love Mariah Carey'
  17. No, Ariana had acquired a strangely large & devoted fan base off the back of that show - far more so than any other Nick stars at the time. There was a lot of buzz around this single’s release among the 2013 tween crowd.
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