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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Fff poor Victoria ha meme is already being forgotten
  2. I walked right into that one....

    it’s what Ms. Justice deserves. 7 years on & this is still trash.
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  3. god WIG at The Way. The soundtrack to me laminating a stan card.
  4. “The Way” has aged so exquisitely, whew we love a classic!

    Also the line ‘on a scale of one to ten I’m at a hundred’ is an iconic pop culture moment and I won’t hear otherwise

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  5. She is classicly beautiful but the girl has zero charisma as a performer. I still don't know how she was the lead in that show with the vocal talents of Ariana & Liz completely eclipsing her.
  6. Probably cause she was previously on Zoey 101 (now THAT was a classic), Ari was a newcomer still.
  7. The Way was a cultural reset.
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  8. NOW we said it!
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  9. I think a not-insignificant factor in the devotion Ariana inspires is that a lot of us went from never having heard of her to being fans literally on the day she released her debut (proper) single.
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That's what happens when you sample a classic

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  11. Imagine was felt sublime to me but listening to it these days gives me an almost eerie feeling through all this uncertainty. I'm both imagining AND remembering a world like that. I'm sad.
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  12. I’m quarantining and watching a bootleg of the Sweetener tour on YouTube.

    I’m only up to Break Up With You Girlfriend and forgive me, I’ve completely forgot the reason she doesn’t have a spotlight anymore, is it an anxiety thing or an aesthetic thing? Or neither?

    Oh also R.E.M has started and wow at the waterfall backdrop
  13. Likewise, the only reason I listened to it initially was because it was #1 on iTunes, but I wasn’t ready for how much I would end up revisiting it
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  14. I believe it’s an aesthetic choice, and a choice it is.
  15. This is so nice. I love when celebrities do charity without craving attention for it.

    (Yes, I’m aware of the fact that this could potentially be news planted by her PR people. Just let me live in denial if that’s the case.)
  16. I was today years old when I found out The Way had a Spanglish remix
  17. I first heard The Way just before I left my student halls to go visit my friend in London for the first time, and listened to it all the way back the next day. The weather was glorious, the song was a bop and we'd had an amazing night out! 7 years on and were still friends, and Ariana has gone on to conquer the world. Sometimes good things do happen!
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