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ARK, The Shadow In My Company

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by LE0Night, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. I don't have that much to plug her with because I don't know a whole lot, she's from Hampshire, serves high-drama late 90's piano chanteuse with colossal cross-over appeal, debuted with the Really Very Quite Good™️ single Made For Us late last year and now she's dropped Possibly Even Better And Maybe One Of The Best Singles Of The Year™️ Operator and God do I hope an album is coming.

    (@A&E she did it again)

    (and @Andy French @Petty Mayonnaise @xOJakeXo @NecessaryVoodoo hi xx)

    If anyone has any ideas for a more eye-catching subtitle I'm all ears because Operator in particular has no business not being heard by everyone.
    Also keep the tagging going, please xx
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  2. I'm here for this
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  3. Oh yes I quite like this.
  4. "Operator" totally sounds alt 90s singer songwriter in a great way. She's blending a ton of artists I love - Alanis? Chantal Kreviazuk? Charlotte Martin? I hear some Sarah McLachlan too.
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  5. They've come a long way since Rebecca Black.
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  7. Commenting so I won't forget to listen to it. Kii. Thanks @LE0Night bby.
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  8. I should def lurk in here more.

    Operator is extremely good. It makes me think of a laid back London Grammar track (but I'm sure there are way better reference points).

    Can't wait to hear the other two songs as well.
  9. [​IMG]

    Really liking Made For Us. Her voice is really nice.
  10. [​IMG]

    Does your real name start on an M, perchance. And have I seen you on my Spotify follower list for a while now.

    If so I'm gonna follow you back posthaste ddd I didn't know who you were, I'm sorry.
  11. Yep that is me. I have been stalking you on spotify for a while dd.
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  12. I need to stop stanning these girls with a couple of singles and nothing else, but everything she's released is so good.
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  13. Sorry for not getting to this sooner, been busy with final exams. I honestly think this is my favorite artist you've shared with me so far! All three songs are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Let me just steal this and use it as my new go-to thing to say about myself when I meet someone new.
  14. Just discovered 'Over and Over' and I love it.

    Will dig through the rest soon enough.
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  15. Pff well there's still no album, but

    she's chucked out two more tracks and bundled everything into an EP. Neither of them are quite as huge as the singles were but they're cute enough. The title track in particular is a bit angielookingwistful.gif.
  16. She kind of gives me a more promising Charlotte OC vibes. I do like what I'm hearing though.
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  17. Let It Breathe is gorgeous but this EP business with only two new tracks out of five is a bit annoying.
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