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Arlissa - Healing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Re: Arlissa - Sticks and Stones / Debut Album

    That is exactly where I found her from.
  2. Re: Arlissa - Sticks and Stones / Debut Album

    Into The Light full audio; beautiful


    And sadly, the album "Battles" won't be released until next year.
  3. Re: Arlissa - Sticks and Stones / Debut Album

    I love 'Into The Light' a lot! I hope with the Littlewoods ad playing loads, there's a chance it'll be a hit for Arlissa. The video is out soon!
  4. Uno


    She looks a bit like Rochelle of The Saturdays, which is an amazing thing.

    I'll be buying the album, if only for Sticks & Stones -- great tune.
  5. Guest vocal on the new Schiller album.

  6. Well this was unexpected...

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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It's a decent Nelly song, but being used to the Arlissa version she doesn't quite deliver.
  8. Her career is starting to mirror Yasmin's - initial hype, failing to gain any traction, cancelled debut album and becoming a go to featured vocalist for dance tracks
  9. Arlissa’s featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film The Hate U Give:

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  10. This is pretty decent. It's very "bog-standard inspirational song in a film" but I expect it serves its purposes very well, and she sounds great.
  11. Been a fan of her since 2013. She signed to Def Jam in the US and Virgin in the UK last year if anyone was wondering.

    In case anyone missed it, We Won't Move made the shortlist for the Academy Award for Best Original Song - kind of a big deal for her since this was just the top 15 songs in contention. Kesha, for example, didn't make the list despite the push for Here Comes The Change. She attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party as a result.

    Her proper album era looks set to begin next month? Can't help but feel a lot of her hype from the acoustics (which she started releasing 2.5 years ago!) has been squandered by this long wait for official material but I am optimistic about how she could perform if she is properly pushed.
    She's always in the studio, I suspect a mix of doing her own stuff and writing for others. The biggest collaborators I have noticed are MoZella and Wrabel.
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  12. For anyone who is interested and hasn't been keeping up with her, it seems she finished the album.
    She played it to her label (Def Jam US) recently.

    Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie is the song that won't die. They played the Eden Prince remix on the first episode of Love Island on Monday and it's #3 on UK Shazam and charting again on iTunes & Apple Music.
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  13. I really like this lady. Sticks & Stones should have done so much better. She has so much artistic potential.

    Would be great if she does finally get an album out.
  14. I posted pics from the shoot in here just over a week ago then her team started DMing people to remove them because someone on the set had posted them when they weren't supposed to.

    So excited!
    I think it's going to be Arlissa & Lauren, but we'll see?
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  15. 2 weeks!
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Wow this...could be great??
  17. Just to manage expectations - Lauren isn't on the song. She is just in the video.
    I don't think they thought through how the teaser could lead to some strong reactions when this is officially announced.

    I still think it's going to be great though.
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