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Arlissa - Healing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. So she's officially confirmed it for next Friday & said that she's finished the album and is really pleased with it!

    As someone who has been waiting for this for 6 years, it all feels very surreal.

    (@2014 please can the title be changed to Arlissa - Running + Debut Album)
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  2. Finally.
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  3. Lauren isn’t on the song?!
  4. The whole thing is very confusing, because that snippet she posted was unmistakably her voice?
    Maybe they decided to put Lauren on another song or something.

    To tease the Lauren cameo in the music video before officially announcing the song was a bit misguided - but maybe their intention was to get Lauren fans to flock to check out Arlissa?
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  5. I love it! It's not the song from the Lauren snippet at all, how confusing.
    Cute & breezy summer bop - though I guess it works for fall too.
    So nice to hear her on something that's properly produced.
  6. Catchy AF. New Music Friday. Had never even heard of her before. So good!
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  7. The video is great.

    This makes me so happy to hear! Hoping more people discover her soon.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Wow this is so good! Cruelly overlooked (again) but her voice is just superb.
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  9. This is huge for her.
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  10. The Charlie's Angels song is a bop, think it would be a nice little UK hit if it was a single.
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  11. Looks like she has a Christmas song out in 2 weeks.

    She's also co-written the new Zayn song with Sinai (she co-wrote Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie).
  12. Interesting. What’s the new ZAYN song called?
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  13. Flames, it's a collaboration with R3HAB & Jungleboi.
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  14. Cute little cover.
  15. She's made a few references in recent weeks/months to not liking the pace at which things are going at, which is understandable. Her debut single came out 7 years ago and even Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie/the acoustics which re-started her career came out three years ago. Fingers crossed Def Jam do right by her in 2020.

    She's shared a snippet of an upcoming song today, sounds really cute.

    As of a few weeks ago the plans were for another song in January which she posted a snippet of herself singing - sounds like a different song to this.
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  16. Looks like 'Healing' is the next single.

    It's not the song posted above, she has sung a snippet of it before but I lost it.

    This video was recorded in October along with an interview, but uploaded on January 25th (whereas the interview came out in October/November) - so I'm guessing January 24th was the original release date.

    The album is called 'The Broken Hearted'.
    Her talking about it here makes me think a pre-order could be coming with the single?
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  17. She shot the video yesterday, she's saying it's coming 'sooner than you think' so March seems like a given.
    Looks like a much lower budget than the Running shoot but a song like this doesn't really need a high budget video anyway, she confirmed Running is on the album but 'Healing' will be considered the lead single.

    I also located the video of her singing part of the song back in October.
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