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Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, May 8, 2020.

  1. 6.7 score from Pitchfork:

  2. RJF


    Yeah, the album's boring. It desperately needed a few moments where the vibe switched up a little.
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  3. She's an incredible songwriter, but it's music I'd have in the background while I'm working.
  4. Not Pitchfork going 'where the bops doe'. Rude.
    I like the album's flow, it's a lovely modern soul album.

    Bluish what a song.
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  5. And now For Violet is suddenly my favourite song of 2021.
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  6. It’s a grower, at first listens everything sounds the same. But I’m really liking it now, it’s a nice vibe. The lyrics and references are great.
  7. It 'sounds the same' because it's cohesive and a true body of work, songs written by the same 2-3 people over a couple of months with an album in mind. This is a good problem to have.
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  8. Yes that’s exactly how I feel after three listens. It’s very cohesive.
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  9. Shame she didn’t add Cola anywhere as that is her best song, but I’ll live. I adore her voice and the album is very pleasant, I can tell it’ll be a grower.
  10. It's nice, but it's absolutely the wrong vibe for a cold, wet, miserable day in February. Bring on summer!
  11. Nñ maybe that’s why I’ve been listening all day, we had the biggest sunshine (seriously I could not nap because it kept getting sunnier and sunnier) and it was the perfect album to play.
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  12. The weather is shit over here and this album still sounds glorious to these ears, so I don't know.
  13. Yeah I’m actually finding it to be the perfect warm hug in those dreadful winter. I also think she is such a brilliant lyricist that even if songs are sonically similar they paint such a different picture. This may be full on faggotry but i take this in more as art and that just as many painters have a distinct style there are moods and motifs that change between each piece. And my more levelheaded side knows this is her debut and she’s only 20! I think particularly if she grows her voice more, we’re in for an incredible career
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  14. She’s TWENTY?
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  15. Yes, she is 20 years old. Born on 9 August 2000, according to Wikipedia.

    I have listened to the album some times throughout the last couple of days. I appreciate warm quality of the over all sound. The genre of the album is not one that I listen to a lot so I find myself surprised by details here and there. The song "Eugene" stands out every time I listen to it.
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  16. This is a perfect companion piece to Clairo's 'Immunity' in terms of lyrical depth, atmosphere, tone, introverted examination etc.

    Bugger me pleased when I see Claire's actually contributed to a couple of the tracks.

    I got a ticket to see her at a nightclub down the road from me in August. Who knows, I might actually get to see her!

    Ddddd, she was born the month you flounced out the closet
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  17. All this information, yas.
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  18. This is great? I'm surprised by the somewhat mixed reception across the board; it's a lush, understated album and I think overall it plays to its strengths enough to lift it out of homogeneity. It may start a touch slow but Caroline-Black Dog-Green Eyes is a hell of a trio.
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