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Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, May 8, 2020.

  1. Yes! Truly a flawless run! Yes, I am a depressed homosexual
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  2. I'm a Fore Violet / Eugene / Bluish trio gal myself.
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  3. tea


    Wow this album is perfect.
  4. "Black Dog" was one of my favorite songs from last year. I know this sounds cheesy as hell but it feels like a warm hug from a loved one, something we've definitely been deprived of this past year. It's so delicate and simply perfect, really. Also "Bluish" was the immediate stand-out for me on the album and I've been playing it a lot since it came out. The old school flute sample and "beep beep" sound that could be so annoying but instead really adds flavor to the production... urgh, it's so good!
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  5. B L U I S H though, oh my God, it just suddenly revealed its prettiness to me
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  6. This album is brilliant. Been listening pretty much non-stop alongside her other tracks.
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  7. Eugene is still so stunning. If there’s any pre-release track that deserves a second wind, it’s that.

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    To add to this, the album for me encapsulates the melancholic haze that was this last summer: the beautiful weather taunting everyone while they stayed inside; 3 months into a lockdown that government said would only last several weeks, with no end in sight; the juxtaposition between physically staying put and mental unrest - wandering through a loop of romanticized memories and dreaming and dreading what the future holds.

    Take "Let's go to the corner store and buy some fruit, I would do anything to get you out your room" from "Black Dog" which would normally be a mundane lyric but is loaded with emotion given our current circumstances.

    Despite the hazy atmosphere throughout, I actually thought the album did a good job staying cohesive with enough subtle differences to stop it from blurring together. The lyrics are really what differentiates the songs from each other though.

    I've had this on repeat since first listen. Even more incredible that Arlo is only 20! Black Dog-Caroline-Eugene-Green Eyes are my faves.
  9. My bundle only got shipped yesterday after ordering a week ago! So I decided to order the Amazon exclusive for £5. Can't wait to hear it.

    She's performing on The Graham Norton Show next Friday, great promo!
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  10. I'm loving this album too, just the other day I was telling my friends how it's hitting the same spots Clairo's 'Immunity' did @ManilaChinchilla. It's gorgeous (and I need to drive with it playing!).
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  11. Lovely performance of “Caroline” on Graham Norton tonight. Her tone is just sublime!

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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I am really enjoying this record - she has one of my favourite voices right now, gorgeous!
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  13. I stopped listening because I overplayed it and want to save some plays for when the vinyl arrives. Already inside my 2021 tops for sure.
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  14. I was closer to thinking this was a little samey initially but on repeat listens it's really opening up to me.

    The two tracks we've had since early last year ('Black Dog', 'Eugene') remain my favourites but it's a really strong record that I'll imagine I'll love in its entirety before too long.
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  15. This is such a bewitching record. A real grower.
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  16. I have been thinking about how excited I am about her career and how much I love this album. As someone who is all about lyrics, this album is a dream! I’ve realized her vocals give me Corinne Bailey Rae vibes in the best way! There’s something so special about having a young queer black woman who is making Art without compromise
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  17. I listened to this on a sunny walk around my village today, I'm loving it! It's giving me a more vibey Frank-era Amy, which is a very high compliment. I love her writing so much, I'm going to order the vinyl to support her.
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  18. James Corden performance:

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