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Armenia 2020 - well, Tamar...

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by constantino, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Well she no longer sounds like she's singing into a potato...

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  2. THIS so much. I mean the staging and the backing vocals still have a long way to go but I now see how this would pop awf in Lisboa.
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  3. We MUST be getting an Artsvik performance tonight right?

  4. I mean, Asmik's obviously not going to win, but I still want her to, so that must count for something?
  5. I think I'd be happy with either: spartan warrior, cute art school lesbian, power ballad or asmik winning
  6. As long as Live Forever stays in Armenia, I'm okay.
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  7. Wait I'd also be fine with Armenian Oscar Zia.

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  8. Although, watching Mger come last in Lisbon would be a kii

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  9. An ADVERT? What is this, Malta?!
  10. Amaliya stanning talent!

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  11. Is this supposed to be Wild Dances?
  12. NOT these traditional Armenian covers of My Secret Combination and My Number One, stan Greek excellence a bit

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  13. Including Fairytale in that medley

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  14. Ugh whenever that clip of Mger bellowing Forever comes in

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  15. Everything Artsvik wears is a lqqk, huh?

    We love a fashion icon

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  16. A&E


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