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Art School Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by LE0Night, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Guess I should get on that, then.

    Real name Polly Mackey, she's been puttering around in the EP blog-buzz land for a while now. I first caught wind of her when Moon dropped a few years back and I was down instantly, I'll always be here for grade-A songwriters who won't turn their nose up at dabbling with electronics, ones as complex and atmospheric as these even more so, though it was these two dropping in sequence two years ago that got the laminator to start making poltergeist noises.

    It's kind of what I imagine Shirley Manson's 2 Goth 2 Live album would've sounded like if it'd ever gotten to exist (cc: @Andy French @NecessaryVoodoo xx), Come Back To Me especially.
    Her debut album's been in the can for a while and the lead single just dropped, it's kind of phenomenal. Just as moody as Diving (if not more so) but production-wise she's started venturing into dusky club beats.

    Out at whenever midnight is wherever you're at.

    (There's a snippet of another track over here, sounds like beats are going to be a regular feature. We're assuming the Shakira-vacuum won't be included.)

    Some quick trivia, the story behind the name; she has one.

    She toured with The Japanese House last year and then went straight on to tour with The Japanese House's ex girlfriend Marika Hackman and if it gets any more involved than that we gonna need one of those L-Word charts.

    The closest I ever got to having friends in high school being two goth lesbians who wanted to me download the last two seasons of said show because I was the only one around who knew how to work torrents and then having to act like they weren't some of the absolute worst car-crash television I'd ever seen in my goddamn life.


    Oh, and her dogs name?

    She also kind of looks like Niia's older goth sister to me, I don't know why. Join me and six other people and stream La Bella Vita.

    Honorary @s to everyone who helped stave off her much (much much) too early exit in the LGBT rate, @slaybellz @ohnostalgia @Untouchable Ace and @Trouble in Paradise.
  2. @LE0Night where the fuck is your Pulitzer you marvelous creature.

    Diving is glorious and I'm stoked to check out the rest!
  3. Ooh thanks for the tag! She's been on my radar ever since I heard Diving. So is there a date for this said album, the new song is great.

    The gossip i've heard about these three plays out exactly like an episode of the L Word actually... Unfortunately she has yet to make The L Chart alongside Marika and Amber so who's to know the validity of this tea.
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