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Artists who dislike their hit singles or albums!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Oh, that's a shame. It seemed to have a really positive reaction from what I saw.
  2. She tweeted me last year and said that she likes it now.
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  3. That's one of my favourite Mel C songs!

    I'm sure Christina Aguilera isn't in love with her self-titled album and the singles that came from it. I remember reading an interview with her around the time it was out and the label planning Baby Come On Over as the next single and she said something along the lines of 'That's the most kiddy-sounding song on the album.'

    It must be strange being a performer with a long career as your own tastes will change over time, not to mention connotations or emotions you have with certain songs.
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  4. Yes, this is very true. When we think about how hearing certain songs transport us back to a time in our lives, I often forget it's the same for performers. Promoting a single/album day after day when you're having a hard time in your personal life must make for negative connections with that song or album.
  5. I suppose it would be a bit like asking a writer about something they wrote 15-20 years ago and expecting them to be in that same headspace and understand / identify with where their mindset was at that point in time. I look at reviews and articles I wrote 20 years ago and literally don't remember doing them, or know why I used certain words or what the process was behind it all.

    Sometimes I forget that it must be like that for musicians and lyricists whose work I admire. And for the ones I don't!
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  6. Alanis probably hates her pre-Jagged Little Pill stuff.
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  7. The first album for sure, but she's actually complimentary of the second one.

  8. Pete Burns from Dead Or Alive grew to hate performing “You Spin Me Round“ saying “It’s like still wearing school uniform when you’re 50.” I’m sure making it worse was the fact that the song got recycled onto a number of their later albums as apparently their labels refused to release new material unless they also included a remix/re-recording of “You Spin Me Round.”
  9. I was just going to post this, I had in mind the clip where he was being interviewed by Davina on Celeb BB (or was it Graham Norton) where it was mentioned it was being reissued
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  10. Yes! I think the quote came from that interview.
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  11. Not that it was a big hit as far as I know, but Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses really hates the song "Dizzy". I happen to love the song.
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  12. Doesn't Alison Moyet hate her 80s output ?
  13. I remember reading somewhere that Sophie Ellis-Bextor pays If You Go dust because she didn't like working with Xenomania. It's one of her best songs and a real shame that she never plays it live.
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  14. Which is crazy because the only truly heinous thing from the Wynter days was that Flo Rida hook. Still Getting Younger in particular is really something.
  15. The late forever great Whitney Houston, with this classic from 1988:

    As she explains here too from 1:10 and how she ultimately recorded it:

    Thank goodness too in my view! One of her top 5 ever songs for me.
  16. Never heard of that, but a shame for me anyway! Quite like that one he he.
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  17. Delta Goodrem hates A Little Too Late. She says the video is like a tampon advert and the song is too immature.
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  18. Diane Warren was on RuPauls most recent podcast and it was a really interesting listen. Apparently Toni Braxton hates Unbreak My Heart, she didn't even want it on her album. Her manager told her the albums only getting released if it's on there!
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  19. Most of it. The interview in the liner notes for the deluxes suggests she liked some of the material, but it didn't end up the way she wanted.
  20. I think its the Raindancing album and Weak in the Presence of Beauty in particular where she says she only agreed to record it as it was sure-fire hit. Same with Love Letters, pretty sure she had to record it as part of a contract in order for her to record stuff she wanted to do more - The hoodoo album i guess which is a totally different sound to anything she'd done before.
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