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Artists who had an even bigger hit rehashing an old one

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBenII, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Often when an artist has a hit, they try to have another one by doing another in exactly the same style. It's quite unusual for that song to be an even bigger hit, but it worked for Des'ree.

    Other examples?
  2. ...or the other way around?

    Fifth Harmony's Down after Work From Home.
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  3. But not bigger, I'd say equal.
  4. The whole Black Lace discography?
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  5. Atomic Kitten - Right Now
  6. The 90s seemed to be notorious for this. I remember lots of novelty acts (Rednex, Doop) managed to somehow get second and third singles sounding exactly the same.
  7. Corona, Snap!, Vanilla Ice, Black Box etc yes.
    But usually the first hit was the deepest a la first cut.
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  8. Mariah Carey:
    Dreamlover => Fantasy => Honey => Heartbreaker

    Then of course Loverboy whilst technically a hit was a tragic mess, so they had to change tactics by having a ballad as the next lead single.
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  9. That was their first single?

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  11. I would agree with the 90s dance. Another one is Capella.

    U Got 2 Know followed by U Got 2 Let The Music
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  12. I think that user means that they did the 1999 version and then revamped it in 2004
  13. Bops.
    Then again all debut album singles were amazing.
  14. Took me ages to track down this on cd years ago.

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  15. Our whiggy Whigfield with another day.
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  16. I think someone mentioned in another thread that this was the version promoted elsewhere but the UK got the Saturday Night style version.

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  17. They're almost an exception. Rhythm of the Night was so enormous, but then Baby Baby (to my ears) doesn't sound anything like it but was still a huge hit. Baby Baby's one of my favourite 90s dance tracks. The bridge/chorus combo is AMAZING.

    That album is a guilty pleasure. Everything else was just shit.
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  18. What? They sound so alike.
  19. They do.
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