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Artists who never recovered success from a backlash

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. It was.
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  2. Do you think? I heard the Endlessly album, and it sounded like it should have been an okay success - her vocal "style" wasn't to everyone's taste, but Well Well Well and My Boy certainly should have been hits. I thought it was the advert which made her a laughing stock, and fostered a negative attitude towards her. Or maybe it was simply that the public felt the 2nd album was crap.
  3. But it was certainly a massive misfire that was roundly mocked (see
    ) and reduced her artistic standing in the run-up to the release of the second album. She and the record company then put the necessary final nail in the coffin by releasing 'Well, Well, Well' as the lead single.
  4. Well Well Well was a horrific single.
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  5. Duffy's vocals were always a balance act between cute and annoying and for some reason she decided to make them even more nasal and affected after Rockferry. First came that advert (although she flopped anywhere else where it wasn't a factor too) and then a lead single that emphasized all her vocal "qualities" heavily. I actually think Well Well Well is a pretty decent song, but the first thing you hear is that frog croaking sound and it obviously turned people off.
  6. Rockferry sold 2.2m copies in the UK alone. I doubt the vast majority of those people even saw the Coke ad, never mind cared about it one way or the other. Whilst nothing special it's a perfectly inoffensive advert that came out 18 months before Endlessly did. The album flopped around the world so linking it to the advert has always seems like a stretch to me.

    Endlessly sold 200k on the UK. Do you really think 2,000,000 people collectively decided to shun her because she rode a bike through the streets with no helmet?

    The album flopped because it was fucking awful, she sacked her management, refused to work with the same producers and her voice sounded like a bag of goats with whooping cough.

    I clearly remember getting the CD the day it came out and playing it in the office. About 5 songs in we all agreed that we couldn't listen to another moment. Have never played it since. Don't even know where it is. It seems to me that whilst she has an instrument she never had any idea how to use it properly and with the surprise success of Rockferry no one dared to tell her that her terrible singing habits and vocal tics needed addressing. Consequently she came back worse than ever and she was allowed to release and album that was pretty much unlistenable.
  7. Her performance of "Mercy" on Top Of The Lops Christmas is quite splendid.
  8. I remember reading that she got boo'ed while on stage, and the audience started heckling her with chants of "HOMEWRECKER", and I believe that was her last performance in the UK/Ireland before returning last month. I think it knocked her confidence immensely, and that's why she promoted the Delta album all over Asia and the US, but didn't even release it here until years later.
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  9. Why "Homewrecker" when there is such a clearer, superior alternative in "Adultra"?
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  10. Duffy's terrible music may have been the key factor in her failure to follow up Rockferry's success, but I definitely think inflicting earache on an entire nation in that horrible advert contributed in some way. Nobody was going to buy her album for Mother's Day after that.
  11. It was unfortunate that she sounded like a duck when singing and her name was Duffy.

    Whenever her songs came on the radio it was a running joke that people would go 'Oh it's Daffy again, turn it off!'
  12. There was undoubtedly a media backlash during the Artpop era. Whatever you may think of the material, the media (and by proxy the public) were brutal.
  13. I agree

    During Artpop didn't she sack like half of the Haus of Gaga? Her manager? And her stylist Nicola Formichetti. The damage in alienating the GP had already been done during the BTW era, then she went and amplified it by calling ARTPOP another 'revolutionary artistic record' when it was merely another pop album mostly chasing dying trends that worked for Gaga during her imperial phase but since then faded out from music with the more minimal productions that are currently en vogue.

    Working with R Kelly and Terry Richardson hindered what could have been another of Gaga's biggest and most memorable hits. DWUW could have been a positive step towards getting the public back on her side but she messed up again with her need to make everything controversial. And that need, by 2013 was no longer seen by the public as cool and revolutionary but attention seeking. Her X Factor 2013 performance got dragged to the pits. People were clearly sick of the crazy costumes and stunts like having that woman throw up paint on her body, kind of like the position Miley is in now with Dead Petz (thank god that's a free album). And by the time G.U.Y came out the ARTPOP era's ship had sank and it seemed Gaga was destined for chart failure and hasbeen status.

    However, during last year and this year she has made positive steps to re build her image with AHS, the Oscars performance, no more OTT outfits and Cheek to Cheek showing that she actually has talent beyond dressing up as 'weird' as possible. This is what she needs to become generally liked again.
  14. Island

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    Whale Whale Whale is iconic.
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  15. I thought ARTPOP the very definition of Gaga-on-autopilot, but I've always felt that a lot of the problems with how the album was received came as a hangover from Born This Way. She lost her shield of indestructibility during Born This Way. HOWEVER. I don't really see what happened to her as a backlash, as such, just people getting a bit bored of her?
  16. Beyond words amazing description.

    As for Gaga, Artpop was purely just a naff album. When the leading single 'only' peaks at #5 you know something's changed for the worse.
  17. The Miranda Sings style over the top vibrato on everything though...

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  18. I am clearly in minority here, but I actually prefer her second album...
  19. Very persuasive case. I hadn't realised there was such a gap between the ad and the album either. It felt like a few months.
  20. I remember buying the deluxe edition of Rockferry and thought it was a good album but the second disc was a total waste of time. Didn't think the whole follow up would be as bad as it was though. One album wonder literally.
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