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Artists who recycle their own lyrics

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by marie_05, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I wonder if anyone has good examples of this. Lots of artists are guilty of recycling their favourite phrases and while it can be cute, most of the time it's just lazy.

    The first one that comes to mind is (of course) the obvious one. I love Lana Del Rey, but she's becoming a bit of a parody of herself now: "pale moonlight", "take your body downtown", "kiss me hard", "party dress", "queen of Saigon", the list goes on. Any others?
  2. Madonna has had 3 fuzzy dreams! "Miles Away", "I'm So Stupid", "Broken (I'm Sorry)".
  3. Sting went through a phase of quoting his old lyrics as faux-adlibs at the end of later singles, eg "Love Is The Seventh Wave" has snatches of "Every Breath You Take".

    The Beatles did something similar with "She Loves You" in the fadeout of "All You Need Is Love".
  4. Not really lyrics, but Alanis' ad-libs at the end of No Pressure Over Cappuccino and Excuses are the same.

    Madonna recycled the "time goes by so slowly for those who wait" line from Love Song for Hung Up.
  5. Britney did it in 'Stronger' - "my loneliness ain't killing me no more."
  6. That's not repetition, that's an update.

    Madonna with the words 'Waiting' and 'Anticipating'.

    and Björk has her own language that she has repeated quite a bit.
  7. Sting's Seven Days pulled off the same trick, referencing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

    The Beatles went as far as to record an entire song that referenced themselves - Glass Onion from the White Album.
  8. Garbage "I am afraid there is much to be afraid of" Deadwood and Breaking Up The Girl

    Hole/Courtney Love.... oh where do I start. She's got a particular sore thumb one right now in Wedding Day: "You've seen a cripple dance, pay your money baby now's your chance" from Dying.

    You could actually make a Courtney Love song generator with the following words/phrases... die, whore, tear the petals off of you, burn, off with her head, bed, ache, beautiful, world, dolls, always the bride, dress...
  9. I'm not sure it really belongs in this topic, but I like all of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's mentions of the sun in her lyrics...

    'But under the sun I'm hunted just like you'
    'Sometimes better breaking baby in the sun'
    'Some might say ain't no sun without the rain'
    'I got my summer sun'
    'The sun is breaking through the clouds'
    'Standing the wrong side of the sun'
    'I have seen daybreak and sunrise and dawn times before'
    'As the sun is coming up'
    'I need your love to warm me like the sun'
    'Supersonic from the earth to the sun now'
    'Today the sun's on us'

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  10. Sort of fits in with the thread - Spice Girls used the friend/end rhyming couplet several times:

    "If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship never ends"
    "I decided we should be friends, but now we're going round in circles tell me will this déjà vu never end"
    "Easy lover, I need a friend, road to nowhere twists and turns but will this never end"
    "Told me she needed a friend, is she going crazy, baby's on the way, seems like the day never ends"
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    M.I.A. and her "heavyweight champion"
  12. Bodies Without Organs were bad for use of the word 'thunderdome' in their numerous songs about clubbing in various European cities.

    Alisha's Attic made a few references to the Big Bad Wolf on their debut.
  13. "Bitches is my sons" - Nicki Minaj
  14. I quite like when artists do this. Oasis have a lot of words and phrases that keep cropping up in different orders, mostly deliberately I think.

    Cornershop's Handcream for a Generation album has a repertoire of phrases ("Motion the 11", "Music plus 1") that keep cropping up. One song also has the exact same lyrics as a song on the earlier Clinton album.

    Funkadelic/Parliament had various ravings about Dr Funkenstein, cosmic slop, bop guns etc scattered across all their albums. Coherently incoherent.

    Some artists have a trademark adlib that pops up a lot. "Shamone" - MJ. "Yeeeeah!" - Tinie Tempah.

    EDIT: Oh and the mighty KLF endlessly reused lyrics, phrases and vocal samples on various hits.
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  15. I kind of love that lyric, even though I have no idea what it means.
    My personal favorite: "you ain't my son, you're my motherfucking stepson."
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  16. Coldplay must really love that "now my feet won't touch the ground" phrase. It appears in 'Strawberry Swing' and 'Life in Technicolor ii' and they even have songs called 'Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground' and 'No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground'. It seems to be a recurring theme. In 'Paradise' they also state that every tear's a waterfall!

    Oh, and N-Dubz had that "na na niiii" thing at the start of every song!
  17. Sam


    Gaga's done it with 'free bitch', and a few other times I can't remember.
  18. Free bitch was her TFM thing, it's Holy Fool during BTW or so.
  19. Sam


    Oh yeah, Holy Fool was it. And "we could" throughout ARTPOP. #possibilities #musicnotthebling
  20. Natalie Imbruglia!

    "Don't you see the light has changed
    And nothing looks the same?
    Just shadows in the ground
    And if you listen hard enough you'll hear"

    This verse appears in both "Be With You" from her greatest hits and "Want" from her Come To Life album.

    It's the first verse of Be With You and the bridge in Want. And the last line was changed to: "And if you listen carefully you'll hear the sound" in Want. I always found that rather interesting especially since one's a love song and ones a break up song.
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