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Artists with Average Albums but Amazing Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. Which artists had average or mediocre discographies but absolutely brilliant greatest hits?
  2. Little Mix
  3. LM5 is a brilliant album though?

    For me The Pretenders and Cyndi Lauper fit into this category.
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  4. Salute and LM5 are both great but the majority of their albums have a good bit of filler and I say this as a big fan!
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  5. The only one that I could think of on top of my head.

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  6. There’s already a thread for this: Jennifer Lopez General Discussion.
  7. Both The Pretenders and Cyndi Lauper released perhaps two of the greatest debut albums of all time. Absolutely nothing average about them.
  8. But her greatest hits is a MESS.
  9. The worst put-together greatest hits considering what it COULD have been.
  10. I agree, so much potential for what could have been. The trackslist still feels so wrong somehow.
  11. I never gelled with S Club's albums but I absolutely love their Greatest Hits.
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  12. Yes, there was alot of filler on their studio albums I think. But, their best of, has some of the best pop moments from the late 90s/early 00s for my money.
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  13. I would say, for me, Adele would have an amazing greatest hits. I always liked her singles but albums always a bored me a little.
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  14. I'm still waiting for the long overdue Rihanna Greatest Hits!
  15. Despite loving the original UK edition of Right Now, Atomic Kitten’s Greatest Hits springs to mind (even though they use the inferior 2004 version of “Right Now”). There was a lot of faceless and bland filler between the second and third albums for me but the compilation is a pretty solid package that flows quite well.
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  16. The Saturdays. Say what you want about their albums but their Greatest Hits is almost flawless. Not to mention the B-sides...
  17. I'll get hell for this, but P!nk.

    I've always felt her albums are about five tracks too long and before she released a Greatest Hits I remember saying to people that her eventual compilation would be banger after banger and then when it finally happened... I was a little disappointed with it. Not just missing off "Most Girls" but I also realised she releases the same two songs over and over and it put me off her ever since.
  18. I can't believe I'm saying this as I used to listen to them a lot but... Depeche Mode.
    Maybe I've grown tired of them but they're starting to feel more and more like a singles act to me (maybe with the exception of Violator and Ultra).
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  19. I love them, but I don’t think Eurythmics had a perfect album. Savage came very close but I think either of their greatest hits eclipses their studio albums.
  20. I was gonna mention her as well but the tracklist is just bad.

    Where are “Most Girls” (and “You Make Me Sick” in the US edition), “God Is A DJ”, and “Feel Good Time”?!? I’d take those tracks over “Dear Mr. President” and “Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)".
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