Artists with Average Albums but Amazing Greatest Hits

Richard Marx. His two "main" studio albums went to the great charity shop in the sky but I really like, and have still got, his 1997 Greatest Hits.
Dare I say it, but this was a better listen than her early studio albums which all had their fare share of filler:
Travis are the ultimate example of a Greatest Hits act for me, even though their actual singles collection wasn’t perfect (they should have waited a bit longer, I think). I love a lot of their singles, but a whole studio album? Meh.
I was gonna mention her as well but the tracklist is just bad.

Where are “Most Girls” (and “You Make Me Sick” in the US edition), “God Is A DJ”, and “Feel Good Time”?!? I’d take those tracks over “Dear Mr. President” and “Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)".
When it came out I remember looking at the track list and thinking it was too heavy with tracks from I’m Not Dead and Funhouse, whereas Try This was severely unrepresented, and obviously leaving off Most Girls was a choice indeed.