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Artists with Average Albums but Amazing Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. Definitely better than the 60's attempts but they're still pretty patchy. My favourite is the much reviled Produced and Arranged by Jimmy Webb.
  2. That album is extremely underrated, and worth it for their version of "All I Want" alone.
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  3. Yeah, the Jimmy Webb album is really strong. I love the Jean Terrell-led albums, and I think that Where Did Our Love Go is a solid listen.
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  4. I always think Shakira would have an amazing greatest hits.
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  5. Surely Olly Murs fits this thread to a tee? I quite enjoyed a lot of the original material on the Greatest Hits 2CD having said that.
  6. Olly Murs???

    In order to have an Amazing Greatest Hits surely you'd need to have at least one amazing individual hit first.
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  7. Heart skips a beat is pretty amazing though? He's had loads of pretty decent if hardly earth shattering songs. I'd say he's the equivalent solo version of 5ive.

    Talking of whom, also fit the brief.
  8. I still enjoy Dear Darling when it pops on the radio.

    The 1975 don't have a greatest hits and actually don't really have many 'hits', but, they've become a singles band to me now, because the last 2 albums were basically just padded out with dull experimental instrumentals, their second album is still great though.
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  9. I'm surprised by some of these modern big artists who have been around for a while yet haven't had a Greatest Hits. I guess times are different now. Having said that, Greatest Hitses do still sell in one way or the other judging by all the old ones currently in the top 75!
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Five and the Wanted definitely fall into the ‘great singles, no real desire to dive into their albums’ category for me (I think I’ve heard it each of them, just nothing that left an impression)

    Dance acts like 2 Unlimited and 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor too
  11. I guess Cheryl would have a solid greatest hits.
  12. Years since I've listened to the Five Greatest hits, but must admit, it was great-back to back bops.
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  13. Mvnl

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    Yeah most boybands aren't acts where I seek out the full album but the Greatest Hits has all the bops.
    The Blue one's decent too.
    Backstreet Boys' as well but I want to give their albums just a little more credit for the occasional great album track
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  14. Much prefer boybands with the bops than ballad overload.
  15. Fantastic Greatest Hits this. The split theme of ballads and bops, is always a good concept.
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  16. Hits albums seem to be quite big this year. I guess because if people tour next year they want people to go. And doing a hits tour is a good way to pull in the casuals.
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  17. I think in the streaming age, Greatest Hits albums are somehow even more popular than they have been for a long while.
  18. The Beautiful South
    East 17
    Lightning Seeds
    M People
    Eternal (and Louise, too)
    The Cars
    The Police (much as I love Synchronicity)
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  19. Tried to give a couple of M People's studio albums a go, but they were not very good must admit. The Best of from 1998 on the other hand. What an solid run of singles.
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