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Artists with Average Albums but Amazing Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. I don't usually mind extended album versions but a lot of the tracks on M People's studio albums are in my opinion needlessly long. I bought 'Elegant Slumming' at the time on the back of the 'Renaissance' single, which I loved and still love. But the album version is really drawn out and loses its punch. 'The Best of M People' is great, although it misses out one of their earlier singles, 'Excited'.
  2. Yes, I agree. Sometimes less is more, and that does apply very much here.
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  3. Eternal are definitely a shout. Strong singles discography but their albums are all total snoozefests.
  4. I'll probably get lynched for this, but....Whitney.
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  5. Always and Forever, was by far their strongest studio album. Like Power Of A Woman alot, but yes they were more about their excellent run of singles also.
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  6. Adele comes to mind.
    The singles draw me in but I can never get through a whole album.
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  7. It wouldn't do anything now, but she missed a trick not releasing one of these five or so years ago.
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  8. Eric, Eric, Eric...

  9. Ricky Martin's English material. All 3 of his English albums are patchy as hell.
    His Spanish material though? Legendary, loads of hidden gems on those albums.
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  10. Accurate but it would’ve been nice to have gotten one in 2019 to house both “Let You” and “Love Made Me Do It”.
  11. Yeah, that seemed like more of a missed opportunity. Would have been great to remind people of her hits, tack on a few new tracks, gain a little more exposure before launching a new album.
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  12. "Real Things" is a really strong album though, give it a go.
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I have and quite enjoy all their albums (even the one with the 2 girls) but yeah overall I'd never consider putting on an album of theirs. (To be honest I wouldn't really put on their greatest hits either but hey)
  14. Real things has some bangers on. I can't believe Hypnotised was never a single. It could have potentially crossed them over to a more 'credible' audience.

    OK maybe they'd have to edit out 'tiggedy techno' but that track would have suited a really trancey remix.
  15. Face To Face, Burning Like Fire and Sensuality too
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  16. Is….. is this allowed on Popjustice?
  17. Imagining the chaos this post would have caused if posted in the main PJ thread.
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