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Ashlee Simpson - New Album! (2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Moonsel, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has revealed she is getting the "itch" to make more music.

    The 25-year-old singer and actress - who has been playing troubled Violet Foster in Melrose Place - told how she wants to start work on a new album.

    Ashlee revealed: "I'm going to start writing again for a fourth album. At the moment it's been a little bizarre but I'm definitely going to start to write again because I'm getting that itch."

  2. I have all her albums so far, and the quality of songwriters she gets is usually pretty high. Hopefully the slating she received for her acting will encourage her to devote herself to music.
  3. I was obsessed with Autobiography at the time. Undiscovered is still one of my favourite songs!
  4. More of Bittersweet World please.

    La La and Outta My Head are two of my favourite songs.
  5. LJB


    I vote Bittersweet World as one of the most undeserved and AMAZING flops ever.

    And I vote Outta My Head the most unappreciated music video ever, period. It's actually one of my favourite videos of the entire decade. I mean, it's up there with Toxic, it really is. It's ingenious.

    I also vote Lala as one of the best songs of the last decade.

    Basically... EXCITED.
  6. I doubt anyone will be getting the "scratch" to sign her or buy the music.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Yay! I don't particularly care about Ashlee but all her singles (well, besides Shadow) have been brilliant.
  8. Favourite song of hers is without a doubt 'Invisible'

    She also looks insanely hot in that video
  9. I enjoyed the last album but it has since been condensed to 4 songs on my ipod.
  10. I ADORE Ashlee and have all her albums, I agree Outta My Head is amazing as well as the video. I was soooo shocked when it flopped, it was so undeserved. Tbh I didn't expect her to return to music.
  11. I was only thinking about Ashlee the other day and really can't see her coming back now. Bittersweet World despite being all kinds of amazing was a massive flop. Autobiography is a damn near perfect album, I just remember thinking it was the perfect pop rock breakup album. It has so many good songs and yes Undiscovered is such a beautiful song I still play that quite a lot.

    I miss Ashlee but I just can't see it happening, I'd love to be wrong though.
  12. I'm so glad she hasn't given up.
  13. I have every album of hers, annd Im really looking forward to this.

    She gets to much hate, for doing doing something every artist has done...lipsync...and Boyfriend, La La, L.O.V.E., and Outta my Head...are som of my favorite songs.
  14. Best news of the year. Wonder if she'll go down the rock-influenced route of her first two albums or the more beat-influenced of her later work (or if she'll try something new entirely).
  15. Dear Ashlee,

    Give up. Just do it. You must give up. You are not a likeable person and you will have no luck or success as a pop artist. I don't like anything about you; your face, your music, your acting and even your nose offends me. When you talk I feel like you've played American Football for hours but you've forgotten to wear your helmet - that's how annoying your voice is to me. Plus you get drunk and abuse staff at McDonalds with your smug but misplaced sense of superiority. This is shameful because even though they serve dead animals to least they haven't appeared in Melrose Place. You are the Big Mac. You are the McChicken Sandwich. You are the Gherkin.

    Yours faithfully

    Kirkland x

    PS I liked Outta My Head but I think I would have liked that no matter who Timbaland gave it to.

    PPS Hiss!
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  16. I saw her as Roxy in Chicago, on Broadway. She wasn't very great.
  17. Hope it happens, loved her last album, especially the timaland produced tracks. Favourites definately murder and hot stuff.
  18. "Well I'm SORRY that he CALLED ME and that I answered the TELEPHONE" is my favorite couplet ever, maybe. If she comes back sounding as Ashlee as she did on the past three albums I will be very pleased indeed.
  19. yay this is exciting news
  20. Remember people, Bittersweet World flopped because she found out she was pregnant very soon after releasing the album and stopped promotion! Also, it only had 1 proper single.
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