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Ashley Tisdale - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jun 15, 2018 at 4:27 AM.

  1. She just signed a record deal.

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  2. If the album is as good as Headstrong or Guilty Pleasure then count me in.
    If it's acoustic stuff bye girl
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  3. I actually liked a chunk of her debut album for the teenpop fluff it was. I couldn't even get through a listen of the second album.
  4. Zaddies on fleek, okay Sharpay!
  5. ‘He said, She said’ was what got 12 year old me into stripping in front of the mirror on my own so colour me excited if we get more sounds like that and “Hair” from her second album.
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  6. After Hilary and Aly+Aj she is the most reliable ex disney singer in terms of bops. The second album was full of them, even the bonus tracks
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  7. Do we know what label she signed to?
  8. I hope this is good, I'm a bit scared the quality might suffer.
  9. I already know she will pick questions like "would you like to take part in High School Musical 4???"
  10. 'Crank It Up' made me gay
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  11. Waiting for the Lea Michele co-headline tour announcement
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  12. I remember buying the HSM live dvd and being very pissed they cut most of her set.
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  13. Give us Hot Mess 2.0 please!
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  14. She’ll never top Tell Me Lies.
  15. Guilty Pleasure turned me into a slut.
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  16. The producers of All That are preparing their lawsuit.

    She had some fun teen bops, but I don't see this going anywhere. Plus doesn't "our first signing" make it sound like she's the first artist on whats going to amount to being a non-record label.
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  17. Be Good To Me, He Said, She Said & Not Like That is such a brilliant single run... and Crank It Up is a bop and a half, I'm ready
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