Ashley Tisdale - Lemons + 4th Album

While I don’t know much about her recent activity, I just want to pop in and say Guilty Pleasure (the album) is all around AMAZING! So much pop rock diamonds and gold in one package.

Masquerade, Erase and Rewind, Hot Mess are my personal holy trinity that I still play when I’m getting ready in the morning and when Hot Mess comes in I can’t help but look in the mirror and imagine myself in a bra and makeup even though I am actually wearing a button up shirt and slacks to go teach children the present progressive tense of verbs.

And Erase and Rewind makes me just want to run up to some random guy o the street and serenade him about our failed relationship and how I want him back, even though we have never met and I am just approaching him because I am 31 and am nowhere near as accomplished as I wanted to be by this age and have no hope of ever buying a house or an automobile but I still look as good as I did in college and am reliving those days through Ashley Tisdale and seeking out no strings attached encounters on Grindr, only avoiding requests to meet guys in department store bathrooms because honey I just simply cannot get in the mood if David with three kids is urinating five feet away from us in the stall.

And Masquerade...well. Everyday put on many hats. I’m a gay man of many hats. I’m a son, I’m a brother, I’m a coworker, I’m a cig. But as I get older I find not only do we have to wear many hats everyday but also many masks everyday. So playing Masquerade in the morning before work helps me deal with the fact that I exist as a cog in the machine to make rich people richer, and Ashley gives me the strength to put on my work professional mask everyday and just do my job for the rest of my life. When Ashley says “You and me go masquerading” it really resonates with me as I go masquerading at work and in life as a friendly, professional individual but in reality am a huge mess with a boyfriend who I deeply love but haven’t been intimate (but open relationship yay!) with in ages and a sort of second boyfriend who is actually married to a woman with two kids but is secretly gay because the country I am currently living doesn’t have legalized gay marriage. Talk about Masquerading!

All in all, Ashley Tisdale’s Guilty Pleasure album carried me through college, and as a 31 year old homosexual it continues to carry me to this day. So Crank It Up and love what you do to your Hair, because this is an album that needs to be celebrated by everyone! It definitely isn’t Overrated!

Congrats to Ashley on the pregnancy!