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Ashnikko - DEMIDEVIL

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. My friend who works for Tik Tok said there will be a massive campaign/challenge push for this tomorrow.
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I need her to work with Tommy Genesis.
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  3. I get she's limited in terms of what she can do right now, but I hope she doesn't get stuck in a Brooke Candy scenario. The humor in a lot of her early videos were half the charm.
  4. I really like Daisy.
  5. She posted...this...on YouTube today.

    ARG teas.

  6. ...I’m already over whatever this strategy is ddd
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Clitoris! the Musical ddd

    Also 10 songs and only 25 minutes. Sis...
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  9. She gets played quite a bit on Radio 1 and I can't tell if I like her or not.
  10. I think this is most people's first reaction dd but you may come around eventually. I did.
  11. I still think that musically she is very hit and miss. "Stupid" is still the stand-out for me.

    Looking forward to the project, the artwork is very good!
  12. Clitoris! The Musical following a song that samples Avril Lavigne is... a lot dddd.

    Hopefully something from the project can find some TikTok virality like Stupid.
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  13. I just got an email saying this has been pushed back to November 13th.
  14. Mess, just as Daisy looks like it might do something in the UK:
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  15. "Deal With It" now lists Kelis as a feature. It's a sample from something.

    Credits -

    1. Daisy - Ashnikko / Slinger
    2. Toxic - Ashnikko / Slinger / Kelly Richardson
    3. Deal With It (feat. Kelis) - Ashnikko / Dagny / Slinger / Mark Crew / Dan Priddy / Max Wolfgang / Chad Hugo / Pharrell
    4. Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia) - Ashinkko / Princess Nokia / Peter Elegbede
    5. Drunk With My Friendz - Ashnikko / Oscar Scheller
    6. Little Boy - Ashnikko / Oscar Scheller
    7. Cry (feat. Grimes) - Ashnikko / Grimes / Ebenezer / Charlie Storwick
    8. L8r Boi - Ashnikko / Slinger [samples Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne]
    9. Good While It Lasted - Ashnikko / Gina Kushka / Jon Mills / Marcus Andersson
    10. Clitoris! The Musical - Ashnikko / Oscar Scheller
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  16. Mixtape has been delayed again:

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