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Ashnikko - DEMIDEVIL

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Good ddd. The pushback was ridiculous, especially cause at the end of the day, though helpful, the pushback only had a #24 placing for Daisy in the UK to show for it.
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  2. The music video for Deal With It featuring Kelis premieres in 45 minutes:

  3. Kelis snatching a feature credit from a 21-year-old sample. Her power!
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  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This is a pretty solid debut. Deal With It, L8r Boi and Good While It Lasted are huge bops, and Slumber Party and Clitoris are also a lot of fun. I think it’s an ideal length too, though the delays for a 25 minute mixtape were absurd.

    I still can’t really get on board with her as an artist though. I don’t know how to explain it but her music gives me the same vibes as when corporate Twitter accounts make shitposts.
  5. The whole mixtape slaps. Deal With It, Cry and Good While It Lasted are the ones but to be honest I see myself using everything.

    I had kind of lost track of her in the months after hearing Daisy but seeing the delays it...makes sense. Hopefully she can regain some momentum.
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  6. 6.9 score from Pitchfork:

  7. Yeah this is great and does a pretty decent job marrying her silliness to some legitimately great production - Slumber Party’s lyrics made me do a double take about three separate times. I fell out the second I heard “Hentai boobies, that excites me”
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  8. I really like Cry, and Slumber Party. But I don't know if I'm sold on her as an artist just yet. I thought the mixtape was worth checking out for Daisy alone. Let's see what her first studio album brings.
  9. I'm still non the wiser on the difference between a mixtape and an studio album?
  10. I just discovered her. Really liking this. My favorite song so far is Good While it Lasted. I like the mix of hip hop and alternative rock sounds.
  11. Mixtapes are usually self funded or free or just not considered canon by the artist or their record label.
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  12. I've just realized she's the voice behind this bop!

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  13. Ahh, thanks for this. Makes sense.
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