Astrid S - Joyride + General Discussion

I would say this is the best one this era, but it's so annoyingly short. Those gorgeous synths kick in at the end and it's just SCREAMING for another chorus repeat. Shame as it's an 10/10 otherwise. Honestly every single track has been an absolute winner.
I want to support and preorder the vinyl, but shipping to America costs the same as the record itself. Little Astridists, do we expect it to be sold anywhere else?
Ooh, what a nice surprise to see some positive feedback on these new Astrid songs here as I’ve been obsessed with them for weeks but I felt like nobody else really cared about them. Had a pleasure of listening to this album in full and I’ve gotta say that if you enjoyed the singles you’re in for quite a treat. It’s all very cohesive and I admire her for sticking to the sound for the entire project. The title track in particular is a massive triumph, what a glorious chorus.