Astrid S - "Oh Emma" + General Discussion

I'm not in love with thie new EP... I think the first one was better.

Anyway, she has great potential. I want an album!
It's called "Think Before I Talk"

via her Twitter header


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It worries me a bit that she's changed her aesthetic and sound so soon after the Party's Over EP. I have a feeling she just wanted to get it done with as soon as possible so she could go in a more acoustic R&B direction.

The song's fine, but the EP felt like the start of her becoming something really special.
The turn-around from the EP to this supposedly leading the album is definitely very odd.

Think Before You Talk is cute, but Breathe & Such A Boy are way better and had far more potential (you'd think they would have put everything behind Such A Boy since it almost went to #1 in Norway too...)