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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. She's opening for Troye on his European tour:

    Tropical bop feature:

    Solo bop:

    New single coming this Friday:
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  2. She does Ellie Goulding better than Ellie Goulding did with 'Delirium'!
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  3. I love Paper Thin. Excited for the new one.
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  4. Hurts So Good leaked today and is DIVINE.
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  5. She's a little......Zara's understudy...

    but I like her
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  7. I'm listening to the EP now, it's good so far.
  8. She was great live with Troye and her EP is really decent!!
  9. Yes she was. And I want her Adidas jacket. She had quite a lot of merch on sale too, i'd have bought a signed EP if she had them.
  10. Just stumbled across her on spotify and loving what I am hearing. 2am is amazing and I am not usually a fan of remixes but 2ams matoma remix is an almighty bop
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  11. I saw her name in Julia Michaels discography and now i'm listening to Ep. Hurts So Good is great.
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  12. The EP is very good.
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  13. This EP is fucking flawless, quality pop to no end.
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  14. The EP is a great punch of modern pop music. I wish she was a little more interesting of a package ("Zara's understudy" is definitely apt) but she's got the jams and seems to be a sweet girl.
  15. I love the EP. I discovered her through the Julia Michaels writing credit, but her EP is awesome and I'm so glad I bought it.

    Is there any physical release?

    This is an amazing artist to look for!!
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  16. She has a song called " 2am". I don't know it is a single or not; but it's not in Ep and it's great.
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  17. She does have a couple of songs not featured on the EP like "2am", "Hyde" and Matoma's "Running Out". I think they are as good as the EP.
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  18. "Dust", her collaboration with CLMD, is great too.

    I look forward to listen to new music by Astrid S. She has great material so far!
  19. Any news about her album / next EP?
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  20. Jump is a really fucking cool song.
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