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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. Her producer/songwriter roster over the last 5 years is pretty impressive!
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  3. Debut album Leave It Beautiful is out October 16th. A new song is out this Friday:

  4. Cover serving Perfectionist.
  5. About bloody time. Body is ready for that 10 track opus (and the 20 track edition with EP tracks I create on Spotify ddd).
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  6. Shook that she's actually getting an album out. The artwork is cute.
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  7. 2016 me is shook
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  8. Scream at it being 10 tracks with 7 of them under 3 minutes long. Astrid sis...
  9. The scam to get more streams! We love to see it
  10. I really like this!
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  12. I'm not OK with the album's release... Only 10 songs, really?
  13. The chorus of It's OK If You Forget Me reminds me a little of T-Shirt by Shontelle (blast from the past!)
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  14. Whenever I hear of songs with passive 'I'll always be into you no matter what pls don't leave me' titles like It's OK If You Forget Me I remember my friend leaning to me to tell me 'what a loser' when someone was singing Jackson 5's I'll Be There during the Thriller musical*

    *in 2009 or course
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  15. Is there a preorder link of some sorts?
  16. It is available for preorder on iTunes in the UK not sure if that’s your preferred places for preorders
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