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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. I didn't know she has recorded an acoustic version of JUMP.

    And what about her duet with Shawn Mendes? Such a pity it didn't get more publicity!

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  2. The new single is really good.
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  3. Thanks, I didn't know there was a new single by Astrid.


  4. This has been giving me nothing but life the past few days
  5. I properly stanned the EP last year. Hurts So Good is a perfect pop song. So glad she's back with new stuff
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  6. Now that Zara is cancelled, I need Astrid to drop the Swedish spot pop album of the year.
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  7. Girls and their obsession with tanning. Too much!

    OK Breathe is gorgeous.
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  8. I love Breathe! It's like the perfect mix of Hurts So Good, 2AM and Hyde. Hope the video drops soon.
  9. She has posted a video of the song...

    I hope she can become more popular and release a full-length album.
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  10. Her new single is quite phenomenal.
  11. Breathe is the bop I needed since I was born
  12. That 'video' is trash.
  13. I was a little let down by this, TBH. Last year's EP was without a flaw.
  14. Proper video is out:

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  15. Me and @Joe. are going to the London date if any Astrid S(tans) are going
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  16. Completely unrelated, but I love her logo.

    Song is still a bop.
  17. New song 'Bloodstream' out tomorrow. Already available in New Zealand, it's good.
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  18. I love her. She's like Ellie Goulding before ... ya know... Delirium.
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  19. I was super obsessed with 'Hurts So Good' for a minute last year, let me check out her newer things.
    Edit: I love Breathe and that Bonnie & Clyde video. She's like the love child of Tove Lo and Ellie to me.
  20. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Bloodstream is gorgeous. So is the cover art.
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