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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. Song of the year? It's like Natalie Imbruglia meets Stargate ballad from 2007.

    The "I wish it did" part segues seamlessly into the "Have you ever thought just maybe" bits from Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me."
    The "There ain't nothing I can do about it" part from "The First One" also works with the "Heyyaheyyahey" bits from Ariana's "Breathin'" dddd.
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  2. I've heard the album and it's a little bit underwhelming for me. Dance Dance Dance and Marylin Monroe are clear standouts so I'm glad that they were released as singles. It's some sort of a mixed bag with her typical acoustic guitar ballads and a few, very short darker leaning songs like Hits Different and Airpods.

    Leave It Beautiful though, the title track, is a definition of glorious and it's slowly becoming one of my favourite track of hers. I can do descriptions if anyone is interested.
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  3. But it hasn't been released yet, has it?
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  4. This sounds fantastic.
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  5. This is shaping up to be her best release since the Party's Over EP, for sure. Love the three singles she's put out so far and the new track sounds even more promising.

    She had lost me with the previous EP and the mess of singles in between but since 'I Don't Know Why' she's dropped bop after bop after bop. Once again, the NOTD prophecy has been fulfilled (that is, artists that have kinda lost it, they collab with them to proof they are back)
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  6. A physical release will please me too...
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  7. A fucking bop
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  8. Entire album produced by Jack&Coke, and she also co-produced a bunch of songs. Excited to hear it!

    Edit: Overall, pretty great album! Plenty of bops (besides the singles, I think the title track, AirPods, Hits Different and Obsessed are the highlights), detailed production, your usual ballads with cute melodies and a fucking great mid-tempo (It's Ok If You Forget Me). Happy that she has a debut album out and glad she decided to record brand new songs for it.
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  9. It's a cute little album, I consider myself... whelmed? If I was told back in 2014 after her debut single that the album would come in 2020 and be 28 minutes long... Well. Most of the songs are so short they just fly by without having time to leave a lasting impression. The title track is the best one for me.
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  10. So happy for her! The album is quite good, I really loved 'Good Choices'.
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  11. I have listened to the album five times. It was first on the fifth listen that songs started to stand out. My favourites are "Good Choices" and "Obsessed". I also like "Hits Different" and "Can't Forget". I admire the tendencies to explore a more minimalistic sound although I don't think she succeeds all the time. For me "Marilyn Monroe" is still hard to get into.
  12. It's a nice little album. I wouldn't say there are any bad songs, with Can't Forget, Hits Different & Leave It Beautiful being the standouts, but nothing about this is particularly remarkable. It's a fun collection that I'll get some occasional running/playlist use out of, but it sounds exactly like a Spotify-catered debut should: short, boppable, faceless, and forgettable.
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  13. There are no bad songs, but there are no bops either. It's an OK album, but I can't see a hit song there...

    I wonder what the future holds for Astrid S since I can't see Universal Music investing on her career for much longer when she hasn't had any impact in the music industry.
  14. "Hits Different", "Obsessed" and "Leave It Beautiful" aren't bops?
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  15. She's doing lots of behind the scenes stuff like demos, writing camps etc so she'll be fine. It's not like they've wasted any $$ on her.
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  16. Also, the Arts Council Norway has partially funded the album Leave It Beautiful, after the record label applied for financial support of the recording of the album. So Universal Music Norway has been partly supported in the process.
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  17. The album is entirely made for streaming. It's catchy, flavorless, inoffensive Spotify pop. I guess that's all I was expecting from her anyway, so it's hard to be disappointed, even if I'll never be very impressed by it. Marilyn Monroe is shit.

    It's hard to believe this is the same girl who made songs like Atic, Jump, & 2 AM. They weren't avante garde by any means, but they were 100x more interesting than anything here.
  18. I have a very brief observation about her career. I cannot believe someone as talented as Astrid S has been trapped in development EP hell for years and, in this case, more than half a decade in total. This girl should be at Album 3/4 and we're barely looking at her debut album in fucking 2020 and after partial funding by a national Arts Council to see it out there. It must have been really frustrating having to wait such a long a time to launch a project like this one. I'm tired as hell of seeing major labels waste years of creativity and output by barely unleashing a couple of tracks to see if anything is a Despacito sized hit to release an album on the back of it. It is unfair and definitely should not be happening to musicians.
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