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Astrid S

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. I adore the album.
  2. ADM


    This album is so so good, even if sometimes it feels like the do-do-do's and humms are sly way of creating earworms (like on Marilyn Monroe and AirPods, I'm sure there are a few more). So much good stuff on here, but she's consistently been good all the time!
  3. Same. The title is maybe the best thing she’s ever done.

    Acoustic performance of Leave It Beautiful:

  4. And it's funny because if this was 2008, we would have gotten an album in Europe at least, locally licensed in a few countries a la Agnes' Dance Love Pop. They released 4 albums worth of music anyway. But these labels are terrified of shit PR for a 'flop' album, even in the streaming era. I feel for these girls terribly, but at least she got this out.

    The title track is a lovely slice of scandipop. Very 2020 Agnes / Medina.
  5. I’m getting major Robyn self-titled vibes from AirPods.
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  6. On repeat since friday
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  7. The album is inoffensive.

    She's got an album out, yes, but it doesn't do justice to the awesome artist she is and she can be.
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  8. That’s exactly how I feel, the album is cute but there’s nothing as interesting as the Party’s Over EP or even her self-titled EP which was when I really got into her.
  9. Emotion came on shuffle and it's still one of the best songs that she released, what a shame that it didn't take off properly.
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  10. We would be looking at something like this if she was given the chance to unleash albums instead of EP's:

  11. I just hope she can keep releasing music and another album sooner than this one...

    It won't chart, right? Or will it?
  12. Im pretty sure it will chart in Norway.
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  13. I just want this album on CD. Is it too much to ask for?
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  15. Popsmoke blocked both Dagny and Astrid from #1. Not fair!!!!!
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  16. If they have released a physical version of their albums, maybe they would have got the #1 spot.
  17. New collaboration out this Friday:

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  18. My favorite songs are Can't Forget, Good Choices, Obsessed and Leave It Beautiful.
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  19. For me, Hits Different is THE song
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