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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

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  2. I don't know why, but she posted a male version of "Hurts So Good" lyric video.

    A little bummed about the fact that nobody seems interested in her lately...
  3. Today, an extended version of Leave It Beautiful has been released. "I Do", "Emotion", "Hurts So Good", "Think Before I Talk", "Dance Dance Dance - Acoustic", and "I Don't Know Why" have been added at the end.

    Spotify link here:

  4. Yeah this is pointless.
  5. She should have released a triple CD version of Leave It Beautiful including everything she has released so far and that would be THE ALBUM.
  6. I think that makes Closer her only orphaned single then. Poor ha.
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  7. New mix of Hurts So Good with a lyric video:

  8. Still don't understand why she goes back to Hurts So Good over and over again. Move on and promote the songs from the album, please!
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  9. @rubirubi It is probably because "Hurts So Good" has been reaching new listeners lately, particularly in Indonesia, with the song being used on TikTok. It has been climbing on the Spotify charts.

    And Astrid has been filming for a remake of Three Wishes for Cinderella in Norwegian the past month or so. So I believe that is her main focus at the moment.
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  10. "Hits Different" is featured in the trailer for the Netflix show "Young Royals" and I never noticed before that it actually slaps.
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  11. Last year’s album was very underrated on this forum!
  12. It's a beautiful album.
  13. Did neither the standard or complete edition not get a physical release (except the vinyl on her site)?
  14. I think she only released it on vinyl. I would have bought a CD version too.
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  16. Astrid wrote her first Norwegian language song for the Cinderella film. The song will be released this Thursday, is what Astrid posted on Instagram. The Norwegian cinema premiere of the film is November 12th.
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  17. She seems a much better Cinderella than Camila Cabello.
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  18. This is so random?!?

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