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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. This is more like it. That production.

    (They managed to make downtown Santa Monica look so Scandi!)

    My favorite gem from her is "I Don't Wanna Know." It's devastating. Robyn would be proud.
  2. Yeah that one gave me Be Mine middle-8 vibes. She's clearly studied Robyn's Best Song.
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  3. New EP "Party's Over" out next month.

    "Bloodstream" is incredible by the way.
  4. Bloodstream isn't as instant as Breathe for me, but she's still the one artist to watch at the moment. I like her a lot.
  5. I just heard Breathe for the first time like an hour or so ago and it ripped my scalp off, killed me and spat on the corpse.

    Life is so much better now that I'm dead.
  6. Same, more or less.
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  8. I just stumbled across Ms. Smeplass tonight and I'm liking what I have heard so far. 'Bloodstream' and 'Breathe' are both bops. And Lauv's remix of 'Breathe' is on point. His vocals really add to the song, IMO.
  9. Breathe is phenomenal & I'm loving Bloodstream. I'm giving her EP a listen now and she's like everything I wanted Zara Larsson to be.
  10. Bloodstream is everything I wanted from Lady Wood but didn't get tibb.
  11. Her music is really good! She has so much potential to blow up, she has already nice songs
  12. I couldn't really get into Breathe but Bloodstream is fantastic.
  13. Great minds, etc.
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  14. I wish the song was as good as the artwork... Probably the first Astrid S track I'm not keen on at all.
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  15. RJF


    I heard "Breathe" on an episode of Elton John's Rocket Hour that I put on when I was doing the Pokémon rate last night.

  16. She's so gorgeous.

    I don't like Party's Over as much as Breathe, but I said the same thing about Bloodstream and I played the hell out of that one. It'll probably grow on me.
  17. Party's Over a bit... meh. Isn't her EP supposed to be out this month? Did it get pushed back?
  18. #PartysOverIsOverParty
  19. I think these singles would have worked better as EP's tracks than as singles. They are OK songs, but nothing amazing.

    Love her collaboration with The Vamps and Matoma.
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