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Astrid S

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. I'm salty she didn't acousticize Sushi.
  2. Oh! Think Before I Talk actually did go #1 in Norway. Yas get it, Miss Smeplass.

    Such A Boy is still better tho
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  3. Still waiting for a studio version of Naked.
  4. All of her songs just make me wanna listen to Touch by Pia Mia.
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  5. You made me listen to Pia Mia for 4 hours.
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  6. I'm sorry.
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  7. Just saw her at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. She's beyond adorable, and I was reminded how rock-solid her discography is.
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  8. She has amazing songs.

    Paper Thin, Hurts so good, Jump, Bloodstream, Breathe, Such a Boy are on daily rotation for two weeks already.
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  9. She sang some songs on Billboard Live yesterday...

    Her main strength is that sweet voice. OMG Beautiful!
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  10. Hurts So Good is still that song. I'm really excited for everything she's giving us.
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  11. A few recent performances of Think Before I Talk!
  12. Her keys guy is such a
    jk woof
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  13. Didn't you mean
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  14. A lovely acoustic version of Think Before I Talk (with a new vocal take!) was released today.

  15. I think she released two! The other is a piano acoustic.
  16. I just listened to the new acoustic and loved it. I'm currently giving the new EP a spin after forgetting about the poor love.
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