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Astrid S

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

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  2. Pat


    I think she's recording new stuff, not sure when we can expect it?
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  3. She said the album’s coming this year. I’m pretty sure she never promised one in the past 2 years. I’d expect the first single in Q3.
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  4. I’m actually really excited for her stuff. She’s made some great pop tunes and I feel like she has potential. Even if she doesn’t get huge mainstream success.
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  5. I didn't know this song existed...
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  6. Sophia Somajo (Sapphire, Klein Blue, etc) posted on her insta story just the other day that she was in the studio with Astrid. Would be exciting to hear what they come up with, love both of their styles.
  7. What the fuck is happening with her? She was the most exciting scandipop girl to come along in a while. We need new material, Astrid.
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  8. No official releases until the fall:

    But we’re getting something “low key” this week:

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  9. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    "Only on Youtube"

    Keep it Astrid.
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  10. No iTunes release? Really? Is she gonna become a Youtuber now?
  11. I don’t know what they’re saying but the song is a bit of a bop!
  12. When the joke writes itself <3
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  13. I'm kind of shocked by the contributions by elohaela: oOoOOoOoOOo x 4
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  14. Relevant would be great if the production was beefed up a little. I assume it'll never get an official release because of the logistics of getting those writing credits nn.
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  15. That's actually not bad considering it came from a bunch of Twitter entries. Twitter workshop queen, when will Xenomania?
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  16. Pat


    I like the making of video, shows her artistry.
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  17. She’s teasing something. New single?

  18. Probably, yes. I wouldn't have any idea what else it would be?
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  19. Finally! I’ve been wondering where she disappeared off to.
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