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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2016.

  1. love this girl!
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  2. Her EP’s didn’t have anything groundbreaking or anything but they were packed full of genuinely great Pop songs. Stuff like ‘Such A Boy’ and especially the forever amazing ‘Breathe’ still sound so fresh and I’m so bitter she didn’t have more success with any of them. I’m excited to hear whatever’s next.
  3. ok but
  4. Her next single is produced by Ali Payami and is called Emotion, supposedly.
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  6. The single cover is gorgeous:

  7. Oh wow.
  8. Emotion is simply gorgeous, really great lyrics. I hope this one will lead to the another EP, or hopefully, to an album.
  9. Carly's impact.
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  10. Has anyone heard this yet? It should be out in New Zealand, no?
  11. Indeed it is out.
  12. I understand that cracking the States is the aspiration of many, but for the love of God don't halt your career in order to do so.
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  13. I mean first she should crack at least her home country, then you can think about europe and maybe, and only maybe, the US.
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  14. I’m pretty sure she’s already had quite a bit of success in Norway? She’s scored 7 top 10’s in her native country.
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  15. oops you're right. I had checked just the eps but the singles were indeed successful.
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  16. America is not the be all end all. Yes, it might take your career to a certain level, but many artists have done well for themselves without denting America too much. The preoccupation some artists get with "Breaking America" is frustrating.
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  17. Once a bop, always a bop:

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  18. Is the song any good though?
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  19. It's one of her best songs for me. It's gorgeous.
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