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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MilkyBarKid, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Is there any picture of the original Atomic Kittens' line-up? When Heidi was part of the group and they were called Honey Heads...

    By the way, I didn't know this song existed:

    Kittens and football... and the story goes on.
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  2. That was a pretty big revelation in the ‘Big Reunion’ doc. Tash ended the band/quit because she was suffering post natal depression and also because she had to jump back into the band and promote right after giving birth and she felt her mother was raising her son and she obviously wanted to do it herself.
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  3. I feel for her so much. My sister gave birth to her son last year and since then every time I get to spend some time with my nephew, even as an uncle, I wouldn’t want to miss a second.
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  4. How I wish I could be there to witness their impromptu street performance of The Tide is High. Men I LOVE these ladies.
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  5. There are football fans singing this on every tube in London.
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  6. What’s everyone’s holy trinity off Ladies Night? Mine is:
    - Nothing In the World
    - Don’t Let Me Down
    - If You Come to Me.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Don’t Let Me Down and still have a hard time accepting its track-14 status.
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  7. Anyway, I just realize Girls Aloud’s All I Need (All I Don’t) is the long lost twin of these ladies’ Baby Don’t You Hurt Me. It’s almost the same beat used for both.
  8. Ladies Night crept up years ago and I think it might be my favourite Atomic Kitten album.
    I think my three have to be:
    Everything Goes Around
    I Won't Be There
    Don't Let Me Down

    I have a soft spot for the single version of Someone Like Me too. Jenny's powerful vocals always deliver.
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  9. <footage_not_found.jpg>
  10. If You Come to Me is a fantastic polished pop tune and screams 2003 along with Hole in the Head and Emmas Maybe. Was so obsessed with those 3 in the October of that year.
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  11. Wait wait wait....Kerry's looking great, the singing ist not too bad, and she seems happy....I actually like that very much.
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  12. Discogs says I have 63 items by Atomic Kitten. Love them so much
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  13. I have a question tho: when they re-released Right Now after Jenny joined, did she rerecord every songs on the original version? Cause I swear I could hear her on Tomorrow & Tonight. Or I just got too used to the live DVD...
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  14. Tomorrow & Tonight, You Are & Eternal Flame were new songs. And she didn't re-record I want your love & See ya
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  15. Tomorrow and Tonight wasn’t on the original, it was new with Jenny.
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  16. #10 in the midweeks. Mental
  17. Right. I just checked on Wiki. Sadly the album is not on Spotify where I am. Thanks, guys! So it’s really Turn Me On (Jenny’s Version) I’ve been OBSESSED with the whole time!
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  18. Can this have its deserved moment next, please?
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  19. The girls just performed in Trafalgar Square, and Jenny spoke her verse !!!!
  20. What a triumph! Who’d have thought we’d get this pop moment?!

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