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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Yes, I did it - I started an Atomic Kitten thread in PopJustice, finally.

    Well, I have to admit I fucking loved these gals back in the day, especially because they didn't have too much going for them except for Tash's voice and still managed to succeed on a larger scale than any of the current girlbands (this is pretty much a certified sales fact, so I won't go too much into detail).

    Ironically enough, I turned into a fan when 'Follow Me' was released (their dark single release which only got to #20) and when 'Whole Again' exploded I was inmensely glad they got another chance to go on - even with a different face on board. From that point, I adored Jenny's and Lil's sense of humor and always adored Natasha's humongous voice.

    Even if I'd agree their singles were a bit similar and cliched, Atomic Kitten managed to become a favourite of mine with their albums and by the time 'Ladies Night' got released, they had their own sound and were full steam becoming, for better or worse, a trademark for UK girlgroups.

    Never got why they decided to call it a day and break-up post 'Greatest Hits' went into the charts, but all I can really say is that from time to time, I miss Jenny's out of tune husky voice on TV while having nip slips, Liz being a light hearted sweety and Tash trying to get us to buy 'marriage' as the best thing since sliced bread.

    Appreciate the kittens here.
  2. Follow Me is lush.
    Last Goodbye is amazing.

    I hated the time when they were all identical but in general I did quite like them.
  3. Be With You is the only one I properly still like. I've got one of their albums simply for the Jenny Frost co-writes after seeing her perform a song called Don't Fuck With Me, which sadly never got leaked.
  4. Undisco, then you should probably hear 'Good Times' (Ladies Night's Japanese Bonus Track). That song owns to no end 'Be With You', being a darker and slicker version of it.
  5. I liked:

    The Last Goodbye
    Be With you
    Love Doesn't Have To Hurt
    & (obviously) Whole Again

    Compared to the current pop climate, their music does seem quite bland but it was of it's time.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I love 85% of their music. Loved their videos and them as well. I saw them do Right Now, I want Your Love and See Ya or did I? Memory fails... am talking about a Pride gig that also had Abs, Westlife, A1, Whigfield, Five Star and Alcazar. Oh yes they did play, Tash was pregnant and lesbies called JENNY EAT MY PUSSY or something.
  7. Nuclear Pussy (as the irish puppets on 'Live & Kicking' called them) were only good WITH Kerry. I loved...

    Right Now
    See Ya!
    I Want Your Love (their best single)

    ... and then they went rubbish. Hated pretty much very single after that. I have all my singles signed "To Anfunny - U aint funny, mate!!!" by the original line-up. I am so proud (not). But I still listen to 'I Want Your Love' sometimes ("Booooom!"). And the B-side, 'Something Spooky (Belfry Witches Theme)' is fun in a tacky throw-a-way sort of way... and 'Real Life', another B-side, captures a bit of studio mucking about between the 3 original members that I find cute. Jenny who?
  8. I always and will forever love "It's Ok".

    I remember listening to it after I broke up with a guy. Was the perfect song at the time.
  9. "If You Come To me" still gets a huge amount of radio airplay on my local station. I think it's one of their very best songs, next to The Last Goodbye, It's Ok and Whole Again. Oh, and let's not forget "Something Spooky".

    Actually, looking back it's kind of funny how much they've changed after Kerry left. I really can't imagine the new formation singing "I Want Your Love".

    thank you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes, but I don't think that will ever happen..
  12. I loved them, was a fan right from the start with Right Now, I wonder what Kerry would be like now had she stayed with the girls!
  13. slimane

    slimane Guest

    "Whole again" is awesome. It's just brilliant commercial pop ballad songwriting and lyrically. I maintain that Jenny Frost is however one of the most talentless singers in pop of all time...Natasha Hamilton is an amazing vocalist and underrated though. She's a proper belter.
  14. Even thought Ladies Night was their least selling album, it's my favorite. Love it!
  15. I love all their albums. All their singles. And most their songs.

    The Last Goodbye is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  16. Ladies Night has some really great songs on it, especially If You Come to Me, Everything Goes Around and I Won't Be There.

    Other Favourites:
    Eternal Flame
    I Want Your Love
    The Last Goodbye
    Love Doesn't Have To Hurt
    The Tide Is High
  17. I love Everything Goes Around! And it's amazing on the Greatest Hits Tour.
    Can still not belive that Ladies Night is their badest selling album, it's their best!
  18. I thought they had loads of energy at the beginning and then after they hit it big they became a bit dull and all looked the same but they had a few good tunes in there. Their version of Eternal Flame was horrible though.
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