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Atomic Kitten.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. When’s the rate likely to happen ?
  3. No idea, none from the C queue seem to have been announced in a while. Hopefully in the next few weeks.
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    The Atomic Kitten Discography (and Videography) Rate begins this Monday 9th April!
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  5. I've been SO looking forward to the Atomic Kitten rate! Is it a warts n' all rate? I'm firing up my Kitten albums RIGHT NOW.
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  6. Are you including their most recent lineup aka Atomic Koffin?
  7. Tash and Liz made such a mistake ever letting Kerry back into the band . They should have waited for Jenny .
  8. Kerry brings the publicity though. People will go to see them live just for our Kerry.
  9. Yeah bad publicity and trash rags.
    @tylerc904 trademark
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  10. Exactly lol
  11. Do you know what I mean.
  12. Yes people will go to see Kerry ruin the performance.
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  13. Kerry back with AK was cute for a minute, then made them look tragic and wasted any chance of them doing a real comeback. I mean songwriters, producers, labels saw Kerry's name and probably ran, expect maybe for Margit Irimia.
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  14. I still can't believe her fifteen year old daughter joined her on stage as part of the lineup at one stage. No wonder she's since fled to Ireland to live with Brian McFadden's parents.
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  15. She's preparing to study medicine. Why did I know this.
  16. So she came here?! Ireland has got good university's but also one of the worlds worst hospital situations. Maybe Dr Katona - McFadden is gonna change all that?.
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  17. All albums, extras/bsides and videos!!!
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  18. Out of interest, is there anywhere where Kery's vocals are actually present besides I Want Your Love, Right Now and Whole Again?
  19. Something Spooky is mostly Kerry.
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  20. She is highly audible on Real Life as well. Could be on Holiday as well, but they all sound so weird on that one.
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