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Atomic Kitten.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. She does a line (no pun intended) on Daydream Believer.
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  2. I'm preparing the opening post of the rate and having some technical struggles. Mainly because I don't know how to link the songs so they don't come up as YouTube videos ddd.
  3. Yes, this one does make me chuckle because it's so altered.
  4. Kerrys new look

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  5. These wigs she keeps wearing don't suit her at all.
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  6. Its like she faceswapped with Michelle Heaton!

    Honestly they should form a duo and cover everyone's songs while swapping wigs.
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  7. I hope Jenny returns to the band.
  8. ...What kind of "actress that would play Cheryl Cole in a Lifetime biopic" look?
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  9. She's rocking the 'gimme back my royalties evil Jenny' lewk.
  10. The long sleek brunette one was fierce. The blonde Atomic Kitten wig is amazing though.
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  11. I love Blair St Clair
  12. I've just discovered this gem of them performing in 2008 discussing keeping You Are on the setlist

  13. Haha, Jenny is such a h8r in that video. Shocked her attorney didn't have it removed from the setlist.
  14. This is that Atomic Kitten I love. Despite the You Are shade.
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  15. I wonder why this was such a dismal flop in 2000? It's really not bad and had all the necessary ingredients give them another low top 10 hit.
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  16. Wasn't there some cock and bull story on their home video that the country was suffering from floods at the time of release, and nobody could get out to buy the single?
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  17. Jenny shading You Are???? It’s like she actively wants me to hate her.
  18. But they bought everything else positions 1-19?
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  19. Follow Me isnotabop. Sorry.

    It's nice. And that's the worst thing to happen.
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