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Atomic Kitten.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Follow Me is very good but I don't really get why some consider it a favorite when nearly all the other (of the 14012834018123) Right Now singles are better.
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  2. Come vote in the Atomic Kitten rate and let your feelings out there.
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  4. I take this to mean you will be voting henny?
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  5. I'll give it go.

    I'll be brutal though.
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  6. The ‘You Are’ shade from Jenny?

    I. Am. Sickened. It is one of their better bops.
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  7. Do you think so? Maybe you should join my rate and show it some love...
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  8. I love Nancy O'Dell.
  9. AK are returning as a duo and doing a show somewhere
  10. I love going to Somewhere, it’s a great day out.
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  12. I need to do this
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  13. I wish they did a Feel So Good Tour. There are so many gems on that album that were never performed.
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  14. They don’t need her.
  15. Vocally no they don’t (if they have a strong backing track for the layers of vocals), but visually 3 works better. Just as it does with Bananarama, Atomic Kitten are seen as a trio. Now, with all of the bad publicity, random line ups and poor performances the girls need to get it right.
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  16. They still could (with Jenny) and it'd be

  17. They can just ask Zoe or Stacey to join them
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  18. I wish Jenny would join them. It would feel like a real come back in someway.
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