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Atomic Kitten.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Its interesting how Kerry fans say Jenny was boring and had no personality when in fact she was hilarious in all their documentaries and in many interviews. She loved to take the piss out of herself.

    Love her in this one

    I hope we one day see her back with Liz and Natasha in some capacity.
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  2. Anybody remember their interview on German TV on a building stairs, where Jenny first asks the interviewer “What’s “shut up” in German?” then shouts to the children who are making loud noise on the downstairs to shut up, anybody has that on youtube? It was almost a meme few years ago
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  3. I’d forgotten about this iconically terrible performance on Good Morning America!

    The messed up audio at the beginning, at 0:18 when all you can hear is Jenny’s glaringly out of tune ‘number one’, Natasha’s shouting, the harmonies (!), Jenny’s verse... what a ride!

  4. Liz is the true core of this messy group.
  5. I kinda stan that Jenny's speaking voice always sounds like her sinuses are fucked up.
  6. TMI


    Only knew Eternal Flame and The Tide is High (right title ?) by them and Be With You popped into my Spotify last week. I instantly liked it.

    EDIT : Are there any other songs I should listen to ?
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  7. The Last Goodbye
    If You Come To Me
    It’s OK!
    Feels So Good
    Someone Like Me (greatest hits version)
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  8. I’d go for the album version, personally.
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  9. Love this!
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  10. I didn’t know there were two versions. Which version is on the CD single?
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  11. the CD single is the Greatest Hits version which has vocals from all 3 girls. The original Ladies Night album version is just Liz and Natasha.
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  12. I love the fact that everybody has their own personal favourite version when it comes to releases!

    For me, I prefer the single mix, as featured on the Greatest Hits, as all the girls vocals are included and is a complete Atomic Kitten track as I feel it should be, whereas the other was just a Liz Solo track in the making.
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  13. The trajectory of post-Atomic Kitten careers is insane. Natasha's part of a pyramid scheme, Kerry's on only fans and Liz has been making a country EP for about five years. Maybe Jenny did the right thing by not taking part after all.
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  14. They recorded a Spanish version of The Tide is High back in the day (Ser Tu Pasión) and apparently they also did one for The Last Goodbye (Algún Día de Adiós; whatever that means).

    Are there any others out there?
  15. Poor It's Ok.
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  16. Sorry, I also forgot these tracks, which are more album and deeper cuts:

    Sorry the Touch
    Baby Don’t You Hurt Me
    Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
    So Hot (so trashy but good fun)

    ...Anyone Who Had a Heart (I know it’s a cover, but I just love it so much)...
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  17. Oh thanks! I don’t know how I missed that. And why we’re on the subject, what is the difference in “Cradle 2005” and the version on “Right Now?” And is the version of “Cradle” on the Greatest Hits album the same as the version on the single?
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  18. I may be wrong, but it was either a rerelease with Jenny’s vocal, Or the song was rereleased for a charity of some sorts...
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