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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Jenny has vocals on the 2005 version, and it's only available on the single I believe.

    While I'm here, is the (very, very superior) single mix of The Last Goodbye on the Greatest Hits? I have the Essential Collection but it's not on that.
  2. Yes! The superior version was included on the Greatest Hits!

    I had to redownload my version after realising the album version was so different!
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  3. Turn Me On!
  4. I like It's OK and I Won't Be There but it has to be your thing.
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  5. I’ve always adored Bye Now from the debut, and B-side Use Your Imagination.
  6. Good Times is a bop, I don’t know how it was just a Japan bonus track. Wild was also a cheap 80s-esque b-side that doesn’t get enough love. They actually had some genuinely decent b-sides...and umm Holiday.
  7. All these song suggestions make me want to reread the Atomic Kitten discography rate!
  8. I think Cradle 2005 is either on The Collection, or the remix album Access All Areas which I think was a Japanese exclusive.

    They have so many versions of songs. Right Now has like 7 versions.
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  9. Bye Now is possibly my favourite AK track. It’s just sublime. I prefer the earlier version on the album that Kerry was on (though she’s doesn’t sing on the track!). It’s just a touch more emotional production-wise.

    Also Cradle and Strangers are up there in my favourites too. They recorded some really gorgeous ballads.
  10. Nothing In This World is a stunning ballad and I won’t hear otherwise.
  11. It's all about Walking On the Water...
  12. Ladies Night may have needed one or two more Be With You/Feels So Good moments (Loving You is great but Somebody Like You is mediocre and these are literally 2 of the 4 out and out bops on a 15 track album), but overall I really love the midtempos/ballads. Nothing In This World and Don't Let Me Down are fantastic, plus the lost-single I Won't Be There. Good Times should have replaced the lovely but unnecessary Never Get Over You. Even So Right and Somebody were midtempo!
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  13. They should've let Jenny co-write a whole album.
  14. Crash Landing (DJ Demand Radio Edit) should have been a multi week number 1 and Lisa Scott-Lee can suck it.
  15. Totally agree with all of this. I also didn’t need Believer was cute but it just kind of padded out the album. So Right is lovely.
  16. Agreed, “Wild” and “Good Times” being on the album would’ve helped immensely. It’s possible “Wild” wasn’t even created by the time the album was submitted but it is miles ahead of the bulk of the material on it.
  17. For Once In My Life definitely should've made Feels So Good

    And I agree the original mixes of Cradle and Bye Now are better than the ones with Jenny (I kinda like her adlibs on Bye Now tho)
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  18. Wasn’t Walking on the Water a planned single and then something happened with their management and they weren’t allowed to release it?
  19. I think it's that Andy Mccluskey got peeved that the record label wanted to bring additional writing teams in on the second album, and this led to a fallout. From what I can vaguely remember anyway.
  20. I thought it was Feels So Good that they weren't allowed to release?
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