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Atomic Kitten.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Feels So Good and Walking on the Water (and Softer the Touch) were my favourites on the Feels So Good album. Though I'm happy that It's Ok, Tide is High and Last Goodbye were singles. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt didn't quite hit the mark for me.
  2. Should have went:
    It's Ok!
    Tide Is High
    Last Goodbye/Be With You
    Feels So Good
    Walking on the Water/Love Doesn't Have to Hurt

    The album was really packed with options, I really think The Moment You Leave Me and Love Won't Wait could have been singles as well.
  3. “Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt” is easily their worst single, it’s just so dull. A Double A of “Feels So Good”/“Walking On Air” would’ve been a better idea or even just having the era end with “Feels So Good”.
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  4. I'd say Follow Me and Cradle are their worst singles from their original stint even though I do like both.

    Anyone Who Had a heart is their worst single as it was just meh!!! I know it was for charity but I wish they'd returned with a hot new jam at that point.
  5. So Hot deserved a campy CD:UK performance.
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  6. Completely agree with this! ‘Feels So Good’ not only was the title track off the album, but it also had the whole Kylie Minogue connection which would have been a great spin with publicity! ‘Walking on Water’ is great and follows the sound they were known with, but if it were to be released, it would just have to be a single release due to the other double a-side, which was already a success!

    As for ‘Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt’, I always felt it weird that the song was a little dreary and dull yet they must have realised this, as they went on to improve it with their next release of ‘If You Come To Me’ which was far superior!

    For me, my favourite track from the album was ‘Baby Don’t You Hurt Me’, ‘Softer the Touch’ and ‘So Hot’ but they would never have been singles unfortunately! I think we can all agree that this album was far stronger in terms of material than ‘Ladies Night!’
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  7. McCluskeys version of the story is: the record company wanted more Whole Again and Lawyers made sure he didn't contact the girls.

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  8. I can believe his side because, well, Labels are pretty notorious for pulling stunts like this. His original J-Popesque Atomic Kitten was not selling so they wanted to continue selling them as these MOR-pop girls. It’s actually kind of amazing they were chosen to sing “Be With You” in hindsight.
  9. They did go from being this fun, bouncy group to becoming the female Westlife after the success of Whole Again.
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  10. It's always so shocking to read that the band was built around Kerry. I love it.

    I wonder if any songs in the Feels So Good sessions were a bit of a continuation of the original sound before Andy was booted.
  11. I'm delving into their discography. I have the three albums, which of their singles have alternate radio mixes that I should look out for?
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  12. Eternal Flame (depending on which version of Right Now you have)
    You Are
    The Last Goodbye
    Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt
    Someone Like Me
    Cradle 2005

    It’s up to you whether you want to get Right Now ‘04 which was technically a single, but far less superior to the original.
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  13. Thanks. I have the reissue/Jenny version of Right Now, so I'm assuming that's the single version of Eternal Flame. I also have the US self-titled and I can't tell if any of those are the single versions or not.
  14. If that’s the case you’re also missing the actual single version of “Right Now” with Kerry and, technically, the actual single version of “Whole Again” (again with Kerry). You are also missing the original versions of a few songs off their debut that were revised (some just a remix as there was no Kerry solo like “Cradle” and others a rearrangement like “Bye Now”). Also, the album mix of “I Want Your Love” is slightly re-edited to remove a sample from the single version but mostly the same.

    The US compilation has the single versions (except for “Right Now” And “Whole Again” as those should feature Kerry) if I recall correctly.
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  15. The single mixes for The Last Goodbye and Eternal Flame are the only absolutely essential ones, but you do probably have the latter on the Right Now re-issue (there were so many releases I genuinely don't know).

    In terms of b-sides, Holiday (the b-side version is the demo and it's much better in my opinion, the finished version is on the original Japanese release), Use Your Imagination, Good Times, Wild and For Once In My Life are worth tracking down. Somebody and Real Life are great for b-sides as well.

    I like their covers of Dancing In The Street and Locomotion quite a bit, but not sure where fans stand on those two.
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  16. Jenny, Liz and Natasha are going to have a virtual reunion.

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  17. Oh my god, I hope this gets Jenny nostalgic and up for doing some shows next year! Whole Again turning 20 and all that.
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  18. Jenny always should've been involved. I'm glad she has forgiven the Big Reunion situation.

    Hope they still have the same chemistry this is the real Atomic Kitten.
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  19. I hope this means that Jenny will join Kerry and Michelle on the touring circuit xx
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  20. “Something Spooky” is a fun b-side too.
    via Zoom?
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